SALE – Valentine’s Savings at JMS Books!

Check out the 4-day Valentine’s sale at JMS Books:

40% off ebooks!

Here are a few handy links:

Coming Soon | Recent Releases | Main Page | Addison’s Books

Note: there are convenient menus on the left side of the main page where you can search by category or by author.

As always, preorders are included in the sale. It wasn’t listed on the site as of the scheduling of this post, but I imagine that When Are You? might show up on the site before the end of the sale since the listings for that release date are starting to populate. Keep an eye on my page at JMS (or the Coming Soon page for March 7) if you’d like to snag it for extra cheap!

If you haven’t already purchased it, please consider the Legendary Loves, Volume 2 trio collection including In My Arms Again by Nell IrisThe Murky Depths by Kassandra Lea, and Weekend at Bigfoot’s by Addison Albright. The three novellas can be purchased individually or in a bundle for extra savings!

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