PREORDER – SALE – “When Are You?” is up for preorder!

Guess what popped up for preorder just in time to take advantage of the final day of JMS Books’ huge 40%-off Valentine’s weekend sale?

When Are You?

They have to find him…but how?

A former member of an elite military special forces unit, Leo Bailey can handle anything life throws at him. Except maybe approaching a certain gorgeous, purple mohawk-wearing, heavily pierced artist. Not without his three eye-rolling wingmen along to push him in the right direction.

One look at the mouthwateringly muscled, military buzzcut-sporting man with the endearing blush, and Vincent Noland is in love. Or at least in lust. Love comes later. Then marriage…and sweet, adorable Oscar.

Life is perfect—the stuff of fairy tale happily ever afters—except for Arthur Fletcher, whose unsettling reactions to them threaten to upset the happy balance of their lives. But it isn’t Arthur who throws their lives into turmoil.

A freak event causes Oscar to go missing and leaves both men frantic to rescue their son. As they piece together the clues, they discover that Oscar isn’t somewhere. He’s somewhen. And Arthur Fletcher holds the key—or rather the glass beads—to their one chance of finding Oscar.

Will Leo’s training, Vinnie’s determination, and Arthur’s knowledge help them rescue Oscar, or is the little boy doomed to spend the rest of his life at the mercy of a primitive civilization? Could there be a third possibility?

You can read the first two chapters here on my website.

You can read an excerpt of a later, pivotal scene, here on the JMS website.

7 thoughts on “PREORDER – SALE – “When Are You?” is up for preorder!

  1. Been there (JMS), done that (pre-ordered), and I ain’t gonna read the first two chapters on account of because I don’t need persuasion, as you are an “auto-buy.” Nor am I going to spoilerize myself with reading any later-on scenes, pivotal or otherwise. *teasing smile* Hope all is well with you, and congrats on the pending new release.

    p.s. When you provide such an enticing, imagination inspiring image to promote your newsletter, what could I do but sign up? (Well, part of it was because I wasn’t sure whether I needed to with the changeover.)

    1. Thank you so much! 🥰 All the mwahs to you!

      People on the old newsletter were transferred over, but there’s no danger of duplicating the subscription (unless it’s with a different email address) because the website plugin claims it prevents duplication. It looks like you’re a shiny new subscriber, so if you were getting the old one, maybe you used a different email address for your fresh signup (or possibly I accidently missed some, because it was a manual process).

      1. This (EAW43/AT/etc.) is the only email address I’ve ever used. But hey, at my age, being shiny and new at *something* is just freaking awesome!!!! *snicker*

    1. Thanks so much! I just spent the day reading the proof, so I should get ARCs to pass to OWI probably within a day or two. 😁💞

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