HAPPY HOLIDAYS – Care for a sale (or 3)?

Hello, dear readers! I hope you all are staying safe and having a wonderful holiday season.

Here are a few more holiday sales you can add to your list! I would also like to call your attention to a bonus scene I wrote for my holiday short story, Déjà Vu, for my good friend Nell Iris’s blog.

Bonus Scene Alert

Standalone Scene for Déjà Vu
Image by the always-fabulous and multi-talented Nell Iris!

ICYMI, be sure to check out Nell’s whole month of holiday book recommendations. The December 23 post is a bonus scene for Déjà Vu.

Sale Alert – 1 of 3

40% off eBooks!

This sale is for 40% off all ebooks at JMS Books, and it runs December 24 through 26.

Sale Alert – 2 of 3

99¢ Short Stories ~ $1.99 Novellas and Shorter Novels ~ $2.99 Longer Novels and Box Sets!

I originally thought this deal was only for Black Friday weekend, but it runs through the end of the year. You can enjoy deep discounts up to 60% off on my ebooks at major distributors!

Reminder: my books are also enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program.

Sale Alert – 3 of 3

50% off my novelettes, novellas, novels, and collections at Smashwords!

4 thoughts on “HAPPY HOLIDAYS – Care for a sale (or 3)?

  1. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too! ❤️I hope you have a wonderful time and wish you very Happy Holidays indeedy🥰 Thank you for the stories…and always, for being so brilliantly you. xXx ❤️

    1. Thank you, Zakarrie! I did have a wonderful day. We played it pretty safe, but still had a good time. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas, too. Seeing your cheery posts is always a bright spot in my day. ❤️

  2. I’m so chuffed you had the wonderful day you deserve.🥰 I have indeed had a fabulous day, thank you❤️ Aw…how lovely of you. Thank you so much for all your support along the way. It means more than I can say without a trip to loonland.🌹xx

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