RAINBOW SNIPPETS – Change of Plans – March 20-21, 2021

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This week I’m snipping from Change of Plans, a novella-in-progress following The Contingency Plan and The Best-Laid Plans.

EDIT May 10, 2021 – I’ve updated the snippet to reflect changes made to the manuscript to date.

These are the opening lines, so no context is needed.

From Efren’s 3rd-person POV. This week’s snippet:

Change of Plans - Chapter 1 - Snippet 1

(Don’t worry, I won’t try to make a living as an artist.)

Chapter 1: Forget-Me-Not
Efren, present day

Efren, the crown prince of Zioneven, blinked himself awake and studied the soft curls of beautiful strawberry blond hair haloing the head of the young man slumbering in his arms. Seemed like Efren should have a headache if he’d drunk enough spirits to forget bringing this one home to his bed.

But his head didn’t ache, so his personal servant, Dru, must have brought the man in after Efren had fallen asleep. Except, Dru had only ever brought him a gigolo upon request before this, never as a surprise.

He blinked again and shook the remaining cobwebs out of his head. He’d probably forgotten about an earlier solicitation he’d made to Dru when he had drunk more spirts than he should—a habit he needed to break despite his desire to “forget” about his upcoming wedding.

Odd that Efren hadn’t woken up, but his subconscious must have known he was safe. Likely he’d come half-awake or worked the action into a now-forgotten dream. Obviously, he’d done enough for Dru to feel safe leaving the man with him.

Heat swirled through Efren’s bloodstream as his gaze traveled the length of that lithe body. He wasn’t fooled by the lean physique; strength and a combination of agility and flexibility likely simmered in those beautifully toned limbs.

A lovely surprise to wake up to. He would have to give Dru a bonus…along with a caution to verify Efren was truly and fully awake before leaving a man in his bed. He drew in a lungful of berry-scented hair mixed with a clean, masculine scent. 

In case you missed the beginning of Marcelo and Efren’s relationship—or perhaps I should say their first time around—here are some handy links:

The Contingency Plan

A sheltered prince.
A sudden death.
An unexpected choice.
How will Prince Marcelo react
to discovering he’s…
The Contingency Plan?

A death that wasn’t
what it seemed.
A kidnapping that isn’t
what it seems.
Time is running out.

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