SEEKING: ARC Reviewers, Bloggers, etc.

Hi guys!

I’ve got my first release in about a year and a half coming out on July 17! Woot! I do not, however, have a “blitz” or “tour” lined up through any of the promo companies. Yikes!

I do have a handful of fabulous fellow authors who will be posting on or within a couple weeks of the release, but I would LOVE and greatly appreciate if any other fellow readers/bloggers/social media gurus could help me out with a little more promo. I’ll be more than happy to supply you with the book info and optional graphics. If you’d like an interview or something along those lines to go with it, I can come up with that, too.

If you’re considering an ARC, but would like to know more about the story, you’ll find the blurb and Chapter 1 in its entirety, here:

If you’re able to help, please either add a comment to this post, below, or follow the “contact me” link under the “About Me” heading in the menu, above, or message me on FB.

~ or ~

If you’re like me and the thought of…you know…having to freaking contact someone with a message in order to do them a favor might give you hives or cause you to hyperventilate or otherwise melt down, then here’s a handy and impersonal form you can fill out instead:

Whether you’re able to help me out, or just wishing me luck, thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤️

And of course…OF COURSE…I’m all about returning the favor. Here’s a handy form authors can use to request an LGBTQ+ book promo blog post here on Stories That Make You Smile:

3 thoughts on “SEEKING: ARC Reviewers, Bloggers, etc.

  1. Oooh tis lovely having a new Addison book to look forward to!🤗 I’d be delighted to read/review it…twill be an utter treat to find out what last part of their story has in store for your boys.❤️😻❤️I’d intended to buy a copy and write a review anyhoo…I’m still more than happy to do that, cos you’ll lose a sale if you send me an ARC.
    If you’d like to write a blog post to accompany my review, you’re more than welcome, whatever you wish is fine by me. 🥰
    Last thought…if you prefer, I could make 2 separate blog posts; a release day promo post and then another with my review a couple of days later? 🌹❤️🌹

    1. That’s so kind of you. Thank you! ❤️ I’ll message you on Facebook to work out the details. 🥰

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