OUT NOW! ~ Taming the Beast by Beau Lake ~ M/F Romance

Taming the Beast: A Novella (Wolves of Wharton #3)

  • M/F Romance
  • Novella Length
  • Can be read as a standalone.


Returning to his hometown in Tennessee, Samuel Campbell is searching for absolution. He made a promise in Wharton: to never hurt anyone, ever gain. Coming home is the ultimate test. There are ghosts here, a trail of bodies left behind by a once-rabid wolf. In Sevierville, he finds that the loudest phantasm is his own conscience; after all, none of his victims can speak for themselves, not anymore.

Kindergarten teacher Nadia Montanari is accustomed to the whispers and stares. After all, she’s recently divorced, the Absolute Worst Thing a woman in 1940’s America can be. Then, she finds out that she’s pregnant. If her secret comes to light, her livelihood will be taken from her. Her family will disown her. She’ll be a pariah. When Samuel and Nadia meet, sparks fly. But both are harboring relationship-ending secrets.

And, there’s something far darker, too: Nadia was very nearly one of Samuel’s victims back in 1937.

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