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Thank you, Addison, for having me as your guest! [It’s my pleasure, Mere. Welcome!] I’m Mere Rain and I write queer romance and speculative fiction. My new release, “Tonight and Every Night,” is probably the fluffiest thing I’ve ever written. No dead bodies, no depression, not even a missed meal (unless it’s being skipped to spend more time in bed). 

I wrote this last year when there was more than enough angst going around and I wanted people to be kinder to each other. The general tone and content is cheerfully consensual sex followed by cuddling and pancakes, with occasional drunkenness and puppies.

PJ is socially awkward to the degree that he never expected to have a relationship or “normal” life. He wouldn’t have the first idea how to ask someone out. Especially not someone popular and hot. Everything other than math makes him feel stupid, and trying to fit in with the party crowd only results in him getting embarrassingly drunk at Giant’s apartment. Except… Giant doesn’t seem to think PJ has anything to be embarrassed about.

Giant is having lots of fun but doesn’t know what he’s doing with his life. A working-class guy with an athletic scholarship, he feels stupid and low-class compared to most of his classmates. He’s had plenty of one-night-stands but none of them ever seem to see him as boyfriend material. When the cute nerd who somehow ended up in his bed asks to see him again, he can’t think of any reason to say no.

As they spend more time together, not all of it in bed, both men start to fall in love, but neither wants to risk ending what they have by asking for more. But what if they both want the same things?

A final note: although this isn’t a Halloween story, there is a section set at Halloween. Possibly someone gets painted blue all over. So if you’re looking for a read that is all treats and no tricks, this may be full-sized candy bar of your dreams.


A funny, sexy, opposites-attract romance between two college students — one an anxious, autistic virgin who has never been away from home before, and the other an easy-going hockey player with some well-concealed self-doubts. As long as you don’t call it a relationship, you don’t have to talk about your feelings, right?

Contemporary, 300 pages

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“How about you, Pidge?” Giant asked, forking more pancakes. “You got plans for today? Homework, club activities, getting naked with me? Nice weather.”

Pidge flushed. “Yes, it has been very pleasant recently, especially yesterday. I hope today will also be nice. Do you have stuff to do? If not, we could have more sex.”

“I’ve always liked this balmy period when summer turns into fall. I have practice at five and I should technically be writing a history paper, but I think we should go back to bed now.”

“If you need to um…ahh…” Pidge lost track of where his sentence was going as Giant licked syrup off his fork while holding Pidge’s gaze. Usually Pidge found it difficult to maintain eye contact; now he couldn’t look away.

Giant put the tines of the fork in his mouth and waggled it like a tongue. Pidge laughed, wondering how something could be so silly and at the same time make him so hot.

Giant put down the fork. “Maybe I should do the dishes first.” He laughed when Pidge made a wordless sound of protest. “Okay, your vote counts. Get naked and in bed.”

Giant shut the door behind them, dropping his clothes one by one on. He lay behind Pidge, close so that Pidge’s behind was pressed into Giant’s crotch, his head tucked under Giant’s chin. “You’re comfortable to sleep with,” he murmured in Pidge’s ear, the intimacy making Pidge’s heart thump. “You fit just right.” He trailed fingertips up Pidge’s side, then down his chest across his soft belly. His dick was hard against the back of Pidge’s thighs, the head a hot pressure against his butt cheeks.

Pidge waited, a little scared but already knowing that whatever Giant wanted to do to him, he wasn’t going to tell him to stop.

Giant’s hand brushed almost sleepily over Pidge’s erection, his balls, the line of his thighs. He shifted his hips and squeezed his cock between Pidge’s thighs, rubbing against Pidge’s balls and penis while Giant cupped them in his hand and played with them. His nails scraped gently up Pidge’s shaft and he yelped and clutched behind him at Giant’s hip.

To stifle himself, Pidge tried to turn his face into Giant’s arm, which was folded under his head like a not-soft pillow.

Giant caught his hair and whispered, “Don’t. I want to hear you.”

“Ahhh. Gi—unh.” Thinking and talking got ever more difficult as Giant began sucking the side of his neck, almost but not quite hard enough to hurt. His neck seemed to be connected to his cock by some odd, hot line of pleasure that he hadn’t known about. “Please. Harder.”

Teeth scraped his neck and the hand tightened around him—around both of them, crushing them together in tight heat until he could no longer tell where his skin ended and Giant’s began. He was screaming the way Giant had wanted him to and hearing Giant’s choked moaning and feeling his ragged breath on Pidge’s shoulder and the hot outpouring of his seed along Pidge’s softening shaft.

He was both a little relieved and a little disappointed that Giant hadn’t done that other thing to him that he’d never dared to even look up on the computer. But he definitely wasn’t complaining.

They lay for a while, close together, breathing heavily. Then Giant pushed himself onto his elbow and kissed Pidge, wet, open-mouthed, unhurried.

After a while, Giant sighed. “I guess we should probably get up and shower. Can’t do absolutely no work all weekend.”

“Yeah. Um…” Pidge took a deep breath for courage. “Could I have your phone number?”


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