BOOKVERSARY ~ Of Rats and Cats

Happy 3rd Bookversary to Of Rats and Cats!


All he wanted to do was retrieve his newspaper, but Raymond is panic-stricken when a rat dashes through his open apartment door. No worries, though. Pandy is on the job! Except Kevin doesn’t want Raymond’s cat to eat his beloved pet…mouse.

Can Kevin rescue Corky before Pandy gets to her? Will Raymond’s upturned box of…um… personal toys and videos drive Kevin away, or will the pile of filigree undies Corky has burrowed into turn Kevin on?

Author’s Note:

Of Rats and Cats is a short story, meet-cute detailing the humorous get-together of two otherwise regular guys, leading average lives. The story ends with a solid happy-for-now where we are left to imagine them pursuing their relationship as they traipse, without further issue, toward their eventual HEA.

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