BOOKVERSARY ~ Okay, Then (2019)

🎉 Happy 3rd Bookversary to Okay, Then! 🎉

It’s the 3rd Bookversary of the release of this super short by itself, anyway. The 1st edition made its appearance at the end of July, 2016 in JMS Books’ charity anthology, Love Is Proud, then the 2nd edition came out in February, 2017 in Snapshots, my collection of eleven previously published (mostly at Torquere Press) short stories. The “Hot Flash” release I’m celebrating today is exactly the same as the version in Snapshots.

Okay, Then is a (very) short story in my Vows series. It was written 3rd (after From This Day Forward, and before To Love and To Cherish), but it really doesn’t matter at which point it’s read, and it can also stand alone quite nicely. It’s kind of a prequel, and timeline-wise takes place within the sequence of brief flashback scenes in To Death Do Us Part, detailing out Sam and Henry’s awkward first date.

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