WEBRING ~ Read Around the Rainbow ~ Coming Soon!

This is exciting! I’ve been needing something to help keep me on track making regular posts here on my blog, and some writer friends came up with this fun idea: a webring link-around! On the last Friday of each month, we’ll each create a blog post on the agreed upon topic of the month. The first posts will go up next Friday.

You’ll find the handy widget in my sidebar (or if you’re looking at this on a phone, it’s the top widget below this post), but I’ll also include it in my monthly post for your convenience:

Read around the Rainbow

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If all goes to plan, each of our posts will be up at the same time of day, so you should be able to seamlessly navigate through the webring.

This should be fun. I hope you’ll join us! ❤️

We currently have ten authors participating in this webring. Besides me, we have:

Ofelia Gränd/Holly Day :: Nell Iris :: A.L. Lester :: Lillian Francis :: Fiona Glass :: Amy Spector :: K.L. Noone :: Ellie Thomas

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