Whether or not you celebrate Easter in any fashion, you can probably appreciate a great sale, right? It’s a great opportunity to try out new-to-you authors, complete a series you’ve started or had your eye on, and/or fill out your TBR from favorite authors’ backlists! Not sure if you want to veer from your usual genre/trope comfort zone to sample an author’s various offerings? Now’s your chance! ❤️

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Looking for Ideas?

The Plans Trilogy is a light fantasy story that’s perfect for readers who might not usually stray from their contemporary comfort zone. It’s heavy on romance but with a healthy dollop of drama in the second two books. If you’ve read and enjoyed The Contingency Plan (perhaps you read it in JMS’s 2018 Top Ten Gay Romance anthology), Marcelo and Efren’s story is only just getting started in that romantic meet-cute!

1) The Contingency Plan
2) The Best-Laid Plans
3) Change of Plans

Here’s a story that’s the perfect way for a contemporary lover to sample paranormal. Weekend at Bigfoot’s was the winner in the Best Gay Paranormal Romance category in the 2020-2021 Rainbow Awards. Shifting will happen…it is paranormal, but it’ll read more like a RomCom with a flavor of mystery that…oops…turns out to be paranormal.

Weekend at Bigfoot’s

And here’s another of my books that should appeal to contemporary lovers despite falling into the Sci-Fi genre due to the accidental time travel that is the heart of the drama. It’s not hard Sci-Fi; there’s no space travel or time machines. Leo, Vinnie, and their young son Oscar stumble through a fleeting tear in the fabric of time. The timeline will vary from a contemporary setting (zipping through highlights of Leo and Vinnie’s relationship littered with breadcrumbs to solve the upcoming mystery) to a prehistory setting as Leo and Vinnie follow the clues to reunite with their (very-not-traumatized, so don’t panic) son.

When Are You?

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