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The Plans Trilogy Box Set is OUT NOW!!!

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My snippet this week comes from the third part of the trilogy, Change of Plans.

For context, this scene takes place after Marcelo has recovered from the shock of waking to discover himself in an unfamiliar room, in an unfamiliar realm, married to Efren, the crown prince of his realm’s former enemy (part 2 of 2 for this snippet):

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(note: Erich is Marcelo’s personal servant)

Marcelo’s 3rd-person POV

Upon Erich’s exit, Efren’s gaze landed on Marcelo. Marcelo lifted his chin and held the stare. He was no longer freshly awoken to a completely foreign situation before he’d even opened his eyes, and he needed to prove to his husband that he was not the sniveling coward his earlier behavior indicated. 

After a few moments, a corner of Efren’s mouth twitched before curling into a sincere smile. He approached and took Marcelo’s hands into his own. “Prince Marcelo. Please accept my sincere apology for my appalling behaMarcelo’s 3rd-person POVvior earlier this morning. I hope that we may start anew.” 

“You are each enamored with the other.” Erich’s words echoed in Marcelo’s mind, and he gulped, then lifted his chin another notch.


(continued from last week)

Marcelo’s 3rd-person POV

“Your Royal Highness. Apology accepted, and I owe you one as well. I am earnestly sorry for and heartily ashamed of my spineless reaction to your attempts to put me at ease.”

“Your reaction was not at all out of line under the circumstances. You had a sheltered upbringing prior to your life here. I’m sure you were shocked to the very fiber of your being. And remember, I had the advantage of at least recognizing my surroundings, whereas you’d woken to find yourself in an unfamiliar room, nude, in bed, wrapped around a strange also- nude man who was making scandalous overtures toward you—” Efren gave a wink so quick, Marcelo wasn’t entirely sure it had happened “—in a foreign land, and with absolutely no knowledge that a drug existed that might have brought about that state of affairs without the scene being otherwise amiss. Frightening indeed.” 

“Thank you, sir.” Marcelo nodded, and his lips twitched. “I appreciate your understanding.” 

The Plans Trilogy Box Set

LENGTH: Novel Length / 73,459 words / 267 pages

JMS Books | Amazon Kindle | Books2Read Universal Link

In this light fantasy world, four realms have settled into an uneasy peace. A surprise twist to a prearranged marriage agreement spawns this story of unexpected love, newfound courage, and heroic adventure. Join Princes Efren and Marcelo on their heart-warming journey as they sort through misleading twists and turns to defeat devious foes. Twice! Contains the stories:

The Contingency Plan: An untimely death throws a marriage arrangement, the final phase of a treaty, into disarray. Now the Crown Prince of Zioneven can make his own choice from among the princess’s younger siblings. As a royal son in the matriarchal sovereignty of Sheburat, Prince Marcelo grew up knowing Royal sons never married. Never. Period. Except Prince Efren isn’t from Sheburat, and he has other plans.

The Best-Laid Plans: A death that wasn’t what it seemed … A kidnapping that isn’t what it seems … Time is running out. Enmeshed in political intrigue, death, and a kidnapping, will Prince Efren untangle the web of clues in time to save his naïve young husband, or will Prince Marcelo dig deep to discover a previously untapped inner strength and determination to facilitate his own survival?

Change of Plans: Once upon a time, two handsome young princes fell in love, faced down adversity, and lived happily-ever-after… until one romantic evening, they unwittingly ate a confection laced with a mind-wiping toxin. Are their chances at rekindling their love doomed? Or will their ignominious new beginning propel them toward a more teasingly fun rapport?

Also contains three bonus scenes not included with the individual stories.

NOTE ON BONUS SCENES: the bonus scenes in the box set are included for the reader’s convenience, but are also available to read for free here on my website.

NOTE ON KU: The box set will not be in Kindle Unlimited, but if you are a subscriber, fear not! The individual stories are in Kindle Unlimited (not via KDP, so they’re not tied to an exclusivity deal).

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