SALE ALERT ~ 40% OFF at JMS Books ~ Thru Halloween!

Sale Alert ~ Only 2 Days Left!!!

40% off eBooks – October 28-31

If you’re a bargain hunter like me, you don’t want to miss the Halloween sale over at JMS Books!

Looking for Suggestions?

Here’s what’s currently sitting in my cart over at JMS. I’ll be adding to it then closing it out before the end of Monday! Most of these are all from authors I’ve read and enjoyed in the past, and a couple will be new-to-me authors, and one I’ve had the great pleasure and honor of beta reading, so I already know it’s great!

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Are any of my books remotely spooky or horror-like?

Weirdly enough, my book that best fits the description of horror-like is probably my Christmas short story, Déjà Vu. But never fear, if that’s not actually your thing, because it’s only pretend horror. You can read the opening scene here on my website, or the bonus scenes for it here.

My vampires (The Recruit and The Choice) aren’t particularly spooky as vampires go, although Cameron and Dennis, who are given a difficult choice in book 2 would probably disagree.

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What would I most like potential readers to try?

How about a couple popular box set bargains, accidental time travel, or a rainbow award winner? You’ll also find bonus scenes for each of these, plus more, here on my website.

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Vows Box Set

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