SALE ALERT ~ Cyber Monday

Sale Alert ~ Sunday and Monday!

40% off eBooks ~ November 27 > 28

Black Friday is over, but Cyber Monday sales are here!

My eBooks (40% off)

Looking for Suggestions?

I just finished up (and loved) the Twelve Letters series by Ellie Thomas, and I’ve just started reading A Vampire Chew Toy by Holly Day. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read so far from each of those two authors as well as A.L. Lester, Amy Spector, Foster Bridget Cassidy, JL Merrow, K.L. Noone, K.S. Murphy, Mere Rain, Nell Iris, Rob Rosen, and many more!

In the mood for a Christmas story?

I’ve got a short story, Déjà Vu, that tries hard to be dark, but ends up giving you a few giggles and the warm fuzzies instead. You can read the opening scene here on my website, or the bonus scenes for it here.

At 40% off it’s only $1.20 through Monday!

What would I most like potential readers to try?

How about a couple popular box set bargains, accidental time travel, or a rainbow award winner? You’ll also find bonus scenes for each of these, plus more, here on my website.

Click the covers for direct links to the ebooks:

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