Read Around the Rainbow ~ My 2023 Writing “Plan” #RAtR

It’s the last Friday of the month and you know what that means! It’s Read Around the Rainbow time!

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This month’s topic is…

Do I have a writing plan for 2023?

Hahahaha…me? I don’t have a writing ”plan” per se for the next hour, day, week, or month, let alone year.

Never do.

Well…rarely do. And when I try, it doesn’t work out so well. I have a vague hope (plan?) to write at least something this year, and the sooner my muse kicks into gear, the better.

My plan, if it can be called that, is to ease back into it by doing better at actually writing my monthly newsletters instead of the two I sent out this year. My monthly newsletters include a bonus scene or flash fiction written (usually) using subscriber-supplied prompt words. So that kind of qualifies as writing, right?

I’m also thinking I’ll try to take it slow by writing a short story or two (or more?) rather than pushing for something longer. I’m in jump-start-my-muse mode, so maybe if I don’t ask too much of myself, it’ll work?

Short stories are kind of easy. Think up a fun meet-cute idea and end the story with the promise of the MCs traipsing obliviously into an unremarkable and un-story-worthy HFN/HEA. Knowing me, after it’s published, then I’ll come up with heavy drama to throw at them and suddenly I’ve got a trilogy that is best read as one novel length story, or a pair of novellas that could/should have been combined into one longer novel…*cough* *cough* *wheeze*…LOL

Anyway, I do have a short story idea bumbling around in my head, and I’ve even written a few opening paragraphs. I’ll stick to it and see where it goes.

I will also try to write some fresh flash fiction for the RoM/Mantic Reads Zine. So far my contributions have been standalone flash that was previously published either here on my website or in an anthology, but something new, created for the zine is another mini-goal aimed at jump starting my muse.

And that, dear readers, is the sum total of my “plan,” if you can call it that, for writing in 2023. If you were expecting a schedule of book deadlines, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Speaking of my newsletter, if you’d like to get in on those monthly bonus scenes/flash fiction—and would like the opportunity to enter a monthly drawing for winners’ choices of an ebook from my backlist—you can sign up for my monthly newsletter (and/or my sales notifications and/or my new release notifications), here:

Then after a month or so of being exclusive to subscribers, those mini-freebies end up here on my website:

Bonus Scenes (bonus “missing” and/or story extending scenes, POV switch scenes, alternate universe “what if” scenes to supplement my published books)

Flash Fiction (scenes unrelated to my published books)

Beyond the goal of publishing something new, no matter the length, I hope to add to this rabbit hole full of free flash available to all.

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16 thoughts on “Read Around the Rainbow ~ My 2023 Writing “Plan” #RAtR

    1. Good! It’s about all I’ve managed lately and sporadically. More of that and progressing, once again, to short stories might work.

    1. IKR? Vague plans are so easy to put aside. I was inspired by the planners some of you guys mentioned and have already gone and ordered one to (hopefully) keep me on track.

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