A Look Back at 2022

I’m reluctant to call this a list of accomplishments for 2022, because is it really? Does bundling a trilogy of books into a box set count as an “accomplishment”?


I am striving to do better in 2023. I’m going to get better organized and give myself some goals. I was motivated by my fellow Read Around the Rainbow authors’ posts that talked about using a planner, and I ordered one. I vow to open the thing every day and strive to accomplish what’s on my to-do list.

That said, I am extremely proud of The Plans Trilogy, my 2022 “accomplishment.” It’s a lovely story that started out as a sweet little novelette’s worth of an arranged marriage meet cute that (way back in 2018) made its way into my publisher’s annual top ten collection. In 2019, I gave the lovely princes featured in The Contingency Plan some serious drama to contend with in The Best-Laid Plans, then tossed a little more drama at them in 2021 in Change of Plans.

In hindsight, while the princes’ saga can end at any point in the trilogy (there are no real cliffhangers), the trilogy ultimately tells a complete novel’s worth of a rollercoaster of a story, so I’m thrilled to bits that it’s now available in a collected set. And if you’re like me and love to have a physical copy of your favorite books, the trilogy is also available in paperback!

As an added bonus, I included all the bonus scenes I’ve written for the trilogy in the collection for your convenience. The bonus scenes are still available to read for free right here on my website for those who’ve read/collected the stories individually, so no need to buy the collection to access them.

Note: All of the books are available wide, but the three individual books of the trilogy (though not the box set) are also included in Kindle Unlimited (not via Kindle Select, so not tied to the exclusivity requirements of that program).

4 thoughts on “A Look Back at 2022

  1. I’m glad you’re rightly proud of your trilogy…it’s a wonderful tale and I love that folks can now read the entire saga in one collection. 🥰 Happy New Year, dear Addison✨ I do so hope it treats you well.🫶

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