Did you know my stories are in #KindleUnlimited ?

Did you know that most of my books (and in fact, all of my stories, if you understand the distinction) are available in the Kindle Unlimited program on Amazon?

Blurbs/Links to all my KU Books

Whatever your genre preference, there’s a good chance I’ve got you covered!


Like contemporary stories?

Consider the Vows Series including bonus prequel short Okay, Then. Or standalone novels Cultivating Love and Closets Are for Clothes. Or short stories Déjà Vu and Of Rats and Cats,

Light Fantasy

Enjoy fantasy?

My light fantasy Plans Trilogy combines arranged marriage, abduction, and amnesia as a naïve young prince discovers courage he didn’t know he had…twice!

Time Travel / Shifters / Vampires

How about Sci-Fi or Paranormal stories?

In my novel When Are You? our heroes embark on an accidental time travel journey where they first lose their young son, then scramble to get back to him.

Rainbow Award winning novella Weekend at Bigfoot’s is a comedic story of a tabloid writer pursuing a Bigfoot story, never expecting to discover they’re actually real.

In The Faction series, the vampire’s new recruit makes a minor misstep. The vamps think they’re resolved the problem in the first novella, but it comes back to bite them in the second one.

I think most of JMS Books’ annual top ten anthologies have landed (eventually) in KU. The 2018 edition contains my novelette The Contingency Plan along with nine more fabulous stories!

Snapshots is a collection of my older (revamped & reedited) short stories that had been previously published at the now-defunct Torquere Press, plus the addition of Okay, Then, my Vows series prequel.

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