RAINBOW SNIPPETS Jan. 28, 2023 ~ Luck of the Draw #RainbowSnippets

Hello Rainbow Snippeters! 😁

In case you’re not familiar with #RainbowSnippets, check out their Facebook Group where you’ll find a new post each Saturday (or early Friday, depending on your time zone). That weekly pinned post will collect comments from authors linking to their 6-ish-line Rainbow Snippet post for the week.

This snippet is the opening lines from my novelette WiP, Luck of the Draw (M/M Light Fantasy):


Obren’s 3rd-person POV

Obren’s stomach twisted into a knot as his father, King Rogan of Canna, offered his closed fist. Obren drew in a deep breath, understanding, to the marrow of his bones, that any plea to avoid this choice was pointless. A straw must be drawn, and as the older of the two brothers, he would draw first.

Not that the order of drawing mattered. Whether or not he drew the short straw would be down to luck. The luck of the draw would decide his life’s path. His hand twitched as he checked a nervous impulse to smooth down his already neatly styled blond hair.

Since I’m always looking for something to distract me from actually…you know…writing, here’s an image I came up with to go with my snippets that may or may not have anything to do with the eventual cover:

And I further wouldn’t want to distract myself with anything actually productive, like writing a real blurb, so here are a haiku and a not-quite-legit-limerick:


Obren had to draw
A straw to decide his fate.
He drew the short one.

LIMERICK (with some rhyming fail…it’s still a work-in-progress)

There once was a prince from Canna
Draw a straw? He just didn’t wanna!
But choose one he must,
and now he must trust,
the Butari prince won’t hold a … grudge.

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