#RainbowSnippets Feb 11, 2023 ~ Luck of the Draw

Hello Rainbow Snippeters! 😁

In case you’re not familiar with #RainbowSnippets, check out their Facebook Group where you’ll find a new post each Saturday (or early Friday, depending on your time zone). That weekly pinned post will collect comments from authors linking to their 6-ish-line Rainbow Snippet post for the week.

The first two snippets are the opening lines from my novelette WiP, Luck of the Draw (M/M Light Fantasy). Click on the spoiler tags if you’d like a quick refresher:

This week’s snippet skips ahead just a tiny bit from the previous snippets…


Obren’s 3rd-person POV

Obren swallowed, squared his shoulders, and snatched one of the two straws sticking up from of Father’s fist. He stepped back and stared at the stick, but it gave him no information.

No useful information, anyway. Length could be both absolute and relative. He could see that the absolute length of his straw was about six knuckles long. But it was the length relative to the straw remaining in Father’s hand that would give the answer.

Lale strode swiftly forward and grabbed the remaining straw. The brothers stood staring at one another for ten solid beats before slowly raising their hands to compare straws.

Since I’m always looking for something to distract me from actually…you know…writing, here are a couple of images I’ve come up with to go with my snippets that may or may not have anything to do with the eventual cover. I keep going back and forth on my preference, and I’m currently leaning toward the cartoon guys again.

And I further wouldn’t want to distract myself with anything actually productive, like writing a real blurb, so here are a haiku and a not-quite-legit-limerick:


Obren had to draw
A straw to decide his fate.
He drew the short one.

LIMERICK (with some rhyming fail…it’s still a work-in-progress)

There once was a prince from Canna
Draw a straw? He just didn’t wanna!
But choose one he must,
and now he must trust,
the Butari prince won’t hold a … grudge.

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