#TropeTuesday ~ Marriage of Convenience / Arranged Marriage

Since my upcoming novella (coming July 22) falls in the Arranged Marriage trope, I thought that a quick look at that trope might make for a fun blog post. I think of it as a guilty pleasure trope since the idea horrifies me in real life, but I’m drawn to both the Arranged Marriage trope and it’s cousin, Marriage of Convenience, in romance books.

It’s been a while since I’ve read these tropes, and I can’t even, off the top of my head, think of the titles of the ones I’ve enjoyed in the past. I really should do a better (or any) job of tracking that kind of thing. I’m gonna look some up to add to my TBR since I’m in the mood for it at the mo’.

I’ve written three stories covering these two tropes (plus a few more fun tropes). Luck of the Draw is a novella that’ll be out on July 22. Both To Love and To Cherish and The Plans Trilogy are available now (you can click the banners for links if they look appealing to you):

Now I need some recs in the Arranged Marriage and/or Marriage of Convenience tropes! What do you recommend?

Here’s what I’m looking at so far (my poor TBR):

4 thoughts on “#TropeTuesday ~ Marriage of Convenience / Arranged Marriage

  1. While I thoroughly enjoyed “The Marriage Contract,” you must, must, MUST (!!!!!!) *s* read “The Infidelity Clause.” It is so very much fun, with a well-thought-out, believable fantasy setting, great clause for wedding contracts, and a most enjoyable plot. Then there’s the second one: “Don’t Judge A Prince By His Undergarments.” And the third: “An Article of Lies.” Technically, they’re all standalones, but they’re all in the same fantasy world, so “Infidelity Clause” kind of sets the stage for all the rest in terms of what the world is like. Thus I suggest reading in order. Just my never-humble opinion. (As you know)

    1. You sold me! I just bought the trio of Lisa Oliver books over on iBooks. The Marriage Contract will probably follow it…it looks great, too! ❤️

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