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Hello everyone! Thank you, Addison, for allowing me back on the blog 🥰 It feels like I’ve been here a lot lately, and I plan on coming back later this month (if Addison will have me, of course 😆) There are a lot of things to celebrate.

If you don’t know about me, I’m Holly Day, and I write M/M romance stories for different holidays. Today, I’m here to celebrate World UFO Day which is observed on July 2nd every year, but this is also the month JMS Books, my publishing house, turns thirteen years 🥳 So I’ll be back later on to celebrate that.

But World UFO Day… Do you believe in aliens? It would be pretty strange if this was the only planet with life, wouldn’t it? Who knows, there might be some walking around us right now, or monitoring our every move.

I don’t truly believe that, but who knows?

Alien Tails, which is the title of the box set we’ve put together, consists of three alien romances. If you know me, you know I often write paranormal, but I like a good alien romance now and then too.

These stories read a lot like paranormal romances, they’re not heavy on the sci-fi part. I don’t have the knowledge for that LOL. But I do love stories where the characters are different from each other. And what could be more different than an alien and a human?

All three are fated mates stories. There Will Be Aliens is a Mars needs women story, only Carlo isn’t a woman, and Zenon doesn’t want one. He wants Carlo though, so when they’re kidnapping Carlo’s best friend, Zenon kidnaps Carlo.

Despite it being a kidnapping story, it’s light-hearted, and I always laugh a little when I see it.

Then we have How to Soothe a Dragon, that’s about Derek and Ocren. Ocren is an alien species that can shapeshift into a dragon, and Derek is his mate. The problem is that Derek thinks Ocren is insane and runs every time he sees him 😄 But if you ever find yourself face-to-face with an alien dragon, all you have to do is throw lemons at them. It’s true. They’re allergic to lemons.

Last but not least, we have the newest of the three, and that’s The Devil Will Care. This takes place in an intergalactic prison. Azrail is a life stealer, meaning he can suck the life force out of someone. Khaal is a plain old alien…who looks like the devil with red skin, a tail, and so on, and Azrail is his mate. Azrail is more focused on escaping prison than being someone’s mate, but if Khaal helps him escape then he might reconsider.

There Will Be Aliens celebrates Extraterrestrial Abduction Day, How to Soothe a Dragon celebrates National Button Day, The Devil Will Care celebrates World Nutella Day, and now they’ve bundled together to celebrate Worl UFO Day. Cool ey?

Alien Tails

Would you travel to another planet on the off chance of finding your soulmate?

Alien Tails is a set of three MM romance novellas about tail-waving aliens who travel through space and find their human destined mates in the most unlikely of places. But once they’ve found them, will they be able to convince their mates to see past their differences and accept that they’re meant to be?

Contains the stories:

There Will Be Aliens: Carlo is having a bad day, and now he’s seeing aliens too. After a futile struggle, he finds himself on a spaceship leaving Earth. Zenon doesn’t know what it is about the earthling male. They’re to get females, but he’s claiming the male as his payment for the mission. Can he keep Carlo safe from all the dangers lurking along the trip? He has to because Carlo is his, and he’s not letting him go.

How to Soothe a Dragon: Long before Derek was born, the planet was taken over by a mind-controlling alien race, and everyone is affected except for him. Ocren is obsessed with his human neighbor, but four years of chasing him up the stairs in their apartment building has Derek refusing to speak to him. Until he accuses him of having broken into his apartment. How will Ocren make Derek believe it wasn’t him?

The Devil Will Care: What would you do if the devil claimed you were his destined mate? Khaal isn’t really the devil. He’s a red-skinned, horn-wearing, tail-waving, eight feet tall alien who claims Azrail is his mate. Azrail has read about mates, but it can’t apply to him. He’s human. But when Khaal plans to escape, Azrail is ready to go. Being mated to the devil can’t be worse than being locked up in prison, can it?

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Gay alien romance: 95,819 words


(From There Will Be Aliens)

“Captain.” Brox appeared in the doorway.


“There’s been an incident.”

He put the ship on autopilot and turned to Anek who was in the co-pilot seat. “Monitor.”

Anek confirmed he’d heard the order, and Zenon got up to deal with whatever had Brox interrupting his work.

“In the clinic.”

The clinic on the ship wasn’t like a clinic on Negudade. It was a cot, and they had some tools to treat injuries, not much else. “What happened?”

“The male is sick.”

“Sick?” Did he also have water coming out of his eyes now?

“He is vomiting, and his mate is trying to care for him.”

Mate? Zenon kept moving as if Brox hadn’t spoken, but he wanted to hit something. “Why do you need me? Ghurva is there.” Ghurva was far better equipped to deal with a mated couple. Zenon had never met a mated couple, he’d only heard tales about it.

“Yes, but we might have to euthanize him. What if it’s contagious? We can’t risk him infecting the females.”

The tightness around his ribcage was there again. What if the male had infected him? Poisoned him? He hadn’t touched him skin to skin, but perhaps he had some defense Zenon hadn’t seen before.

Zenon didn’t respond. What was there to say?

They entered the clinic and Zenon almost winced at the stench. What was it? Poison?

Brox nodded and left.

The female they’d apprehended together with the male sat on the cot, touching his arm while staring at Ghurva. Not only staring. Zenon had never seen someone look as angry as she did. He studied her to see if she’d grown fangs. No. Claws? No. And there were no spikes coming out of her skin or any visible poison.

“What’s going on?” He directed the question to Ghurva, but it was the female who responded.

“Carlo has a concussion because some fucking brute hit him in the head.” Those hostile eyes turned to him. “He needs to be looked after.”

Zenon tried to make sense of what she said. What was Carlo, fucking, brute, and concussion? He understood she believed he—the male, he assumed—needed to be looked after. “Is it contagious?”

“Are you deliberately stupid?” He would have called what she did snarl, but there were still no teeth to make it look threatening, so he didn’t know if it qualified as a snarl.

Zenon turned to Ghurva. “What does he need?”

“Peace and quiet, and someone who looks after him. It’s not safe for him to sleep with his brain swelling. He can’t see well, and he might be sick again.”

Ghurva looked at the female and then Zenon. “I don’t know.”

“Well, I know!” She was snarling, Zenon couldn’t find any other word fitting for the way she made her face appear. Mated individuals were willing to do whatever they could to defend their mates. The tales told them there was nothing more dangerous than a mated male, but the females could be dangerous too.

Zenon waited a heartbeat to see if she’d attack, but while those strange pale eyes were locked with his, she did nothing to leave the male’s side. “He needs a shower and new clothes.”

Zenon looked at Ghurva again. He wanted to ask if it was safe to touch them, but he couldn’t with them listening.

“Are you deaf?” Now the female stood, and while Zenon didn’t move, he prepared to fight. Deaf, his brain told him she was asking if he was hearing impaired, but the words weren’t there—language chip. It was a neat invention.


“So take him!” She gestured at the male. “Shower him. Dress him. And put him somewhere where it’s dark and quiet.”

Zenon didn’t react outwardly. His face remained blank, his muscles relaxed, but everything inside him went on alert. She wanted him to take care of the male? Mates didn’t leave each other’s side, and they did not ask others to look after them when they needed help.

Ghurva cleared his throat. “You want Zenon to care for your mate?”

“I would prefer a doctor, but if this Zenon guy… Gal? If Zenon is all you have, then yeah sure, send him to Zenon.”

“I’m Zenon.” Zenon took a step closer.

“Then no. The fucker who hit him looked like you. How many are you here? There was another who looked exactly like you too.”

Zenon swished his tail before he got control over it. Ghurva noticed and widened his eyes. Right then, Zenon wanted to snarl at the stupid eye-widening, but he reminded himself Ghurva was how he was supposed to be, and it was the rest of them who’d developed into something that wasn’t Negudade. Or it was Negudade, but not how Negudade should be.

“I hit him.” And he did not look like anyone else.

“Then no.”

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According to Holly Day, no day should go by uncelebrated and all of them deserve a story. If she’ll have the time to write them remains to be seen. She lives in rural Sweden with a husband, four children, more pets than most, and wouldn’t last a day without coffee.

Holly gets up at the crack of dawn most days of the week to write gay romance stories. She believes in equality in fiction and in real life. Diversity matters. Representation matters. Visibility matters. We can change the world one story at the time.

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