FLASH FICTION ~ A 100-Word Drabble #FlashFiction

First published in my June newsletter, here’s a very short (precisely 100 words) piece of flash fiction written from an image prompt found on Pixabay.

PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Drabble – Cyril, Petro, and Baby Lukas

Cyril ran a finger lightly across Petro’s forhead to brush aside a stray hair. Baby Lukas was finally, finally, asleep. So was Petro. Cyril pressed his lips together to fight the urge to kiss Lukas’s temple. Petro would not be pleased if Cyril woke up the baby. After swiping through apps on his phone, Cyril opened one with soothing sleepy-time noises. He selected one that sounded like a babbling brook and a gentle breeze riffling through trees. Petro cracked open one eye long enough to wink. Safe to land a kiss to his forehead then, with a whispered, “Love you.”

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