WHATEVER WEDNESDAY ~ Wacky Flash Fiction! #WhateverWednesday #WackyWednesday

Last week I pointed you toward my bonus scenes, and today I’m going to ramble just a bit about my flash fiction.

They qualify for #WackyWednesday because…well…they tend to be a bit wacky. Prompt word sets like (trick – survivor – deck – robot – migration – define – fountain – essay – sugar – element – quality – cucumber – shallow – spontaneous) tend to do that. See Adventures with Harrison and Mason (Mistletoe) for that particular one.

Or how about this set: (sunshine — breakfast — coffee — alarm clock — school bus — Large Haldron Collider — sweltering — studio — purple dildo — leather — shovel — hornet — dominate — hot chocolate — rhinestone — leash — flake — If you do that one more time…)? See Adventures with Ben and Jerry (Playing Hooky) to see what I did with those!

I’ve got five different groupings of flash fiction. Four of them are with repeating characters, and one set for random one-offs:

Random Stand-alone Flash Fiction
Adventures with Harrison and Mason
Adventures with Ben and Jerry
Misadventures with Andy and Grant
Misadventures with Lucas and Josh

Harrison and Mason are a fun couple who have a little boy, Jaxon. Mason is an attorney, and Harrison is a stay-at-home dad. Mason and Jaxon had rather active imaginations, and Harrison…not so much.

Ben and Jerry are an odd couple, once again with one having quite the imagination, and the other having fun going along with where that leads.

Andy and Grant are best friends that’ll become lovers a few bits of flash into their escapades.

Lucas and Josh aren’t very developed yet, but they start out with a fun midnight encounter.

The random stuff varies and each is clearly standalone. As I write each of the scenes for the recurring couples I pointedly make them able to be enjoyed as a standalone scene, but if you’re diving in anyway, they’re probably best enjoyed starting at the beginning.

Be on the lookout in coming weeks for a fresh episode featuring Harrison, Mason, and their son Jaxon. I had a new one for them in my September newsletter, and I’ll share it here and add it to their page probably in October.

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