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Series: The Magic Users of Greenford
by Lisa Oliver

Book 1: Illuminate
Book 2: Eradicate
Book 3: Validate

Length: 50K words x 3 books (novels)
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Primary Plot Arc: Romance
Tropes: Fated mates
Pairings: MM
LGBTQ+ Identities: gay
Keywords/Categories: fated mates, magic users, fantasy, paranormal, paranormal romance, new release, announcement, trilogy, series, giveaway, gay, gay romance, mm romance, MM

Where hate lurks, love grows stronger.

Series Blurb

Lucifer Fireborn is a high magic user with a taste for the high life. He spends his days, along with his anchor brother Darwin, chasing the rogue magic users who don’t follow the rules all magic users live by. When his brother claims his own fated mate, and can’t anchor for Lucifer anymore, Lucifer has to find someone else to anchor for him, or risk setting everything and everyone around him on fire. But there’s a problem… Lucifer really doesn’t want anyone drooling over him, because that’s what people do.

Stefan de Marco is homeless again. Ranking as one of the highest scoring anchors in the country doesn’t count for anything when a man leaves his employ just so he can keep his pants on. It’s not the first time he’s been in that situation, and with his familiar Garrick, Stefan gets by. He was raised in the Trades Sector and he knows the value of hard work. When his path crosses with a desperate Lucifer, sparks fly, but not the ones Lucifer was hoping for.

Underneath it all is the insidious Brethren who believe high magic users should be able to use their magic without the grounding effects of an anchor. They seek to enslave or kill anchors in their bid to gain attention. Lucifer and Stefan have to find a way to work together to bring down the organization, but it’s not an easy thing to do when the two men come from different sides of the track.

The Magic Users of Greenford Trilogy should be read in order. It follows the one couple, Lucifer and Stefan, as they learn to manage their magic, and their love for each other in the face of adversity.

Warnings: Some violence.

✨ Exclusive Excerpt ✨

Hello Stories That Make You Smile readers, and a huge thank you to Addison for allowing me to pop in here today and share an exclusive excerpt from The Magic Users of Greenford Trilogy. In this excerpt we get to meet Stefan in book one, Illuminate, when he overhears Lucifer’s concerns about taking him as an anchor. I hope you enjoy it.

~ ~ ~

“No. I won’t have him. I don’t even want to see him. Damn it, Darwin, I want you to keep doing it, no one else.”

Stefan wasn’t eavesdropping on purpose. It’s just the voice on the other side of the office door was exceptionally loud. Whether he was meant to hear or not, the outcome was the same. He’d heard and his heart sank.

Letting out a quiet sigh, Stefan bent to pick up his bag when he heard another voice say, “You’ve got no choice, Lucy. You know the council rules. I’m mated now. I can’t anchor for you and my mate, and now we’ve claimed each other, it’s impossible for my mate to have any other anchor but me. It’s the way things are Lucy – you’ll just have to accept it.”

Stefan recognized the second speaker. It was the man who’d called him in for the interview in the first place. One would assume he should have cleared it with his boss first. And then something else clicked – Lucy? That’s the gruffest sounding Lucy I’ve ever heard. Now, Stefan was intrigued, and he settled back in his chair. He’d undoubtedly be kicked out soon enough, but he hadn’t had any entertainment in a while and the chair was comfortable enough.

“I told you to stop calling me that.” The first voice sounded even gruffer now. “There isn’t a better anchor than you and you know it. Do you want me working for someone second-rate? Why the hell did you have to claim your mate anyway? Things were working fine as they were. You anchored for me during working hours…”

“Which was all the hours under the sun and beyond when it came to working with you,” Darwin raised his voice. “Six months I waited for you to get your act together. Six months of barely seeing Monty awake. I got the silent treatment from him every time you called telling me we had another case and I had to leave him. Well, no more. What’s done is done and I’m not sorry. Brother or not, I deserved better from you, and Monty deserved better from me.”

“I refuse to work with anyone non-family.” Lucy was sounding peeved now and Stefan muffled a giggle.  It sounded like Lucy had a major attitude problem and was used to getting his own way.

“You don’t have a choice.” In contrast, Darwin was sounding pleased with himself. “I found you a good replacement. His scores are off the charts. He can handle seven different types of magic…”

Stefan winked at Garrick who was sitting on his shoulder, pleased he was being stuck up for.

“What does he look like then? How old is he?”

What’s that got anything to do with anything? Stefan looked down. His shirt was clean and pressed and while his trousers were showing signs of wear, they still held a crease. His green and gold waistcoat was old – made for him by his mother many years before, but not a thread hung from it. I’m clean and tidy. What more does he want?

It seemed Darwin wondered that too. “I’m not asking you to date him. He’d be your anchor. His looks have nothing to do with how well he can do his job.”

“I bet he’s young – still moony eyed and power hungry, I suppose.” Stefan could almost hear Lucy’s teeth grinding. But then Lucy’s next words shocked him to the core. “You know what these young ones are like. They see me, feel my power, and start drooling. They’re useless in the field, too busy flirting and just getting in my way. Why do you think I insist on working with family members only?”

What a cheek! Stefan wasn’t sure he wanted the job anymore. The money he’d been offered would have put a roof over his head, and a hot meal would have been nice. But no. Anyone who had their head so far up their ass they believed everyone would fall over it… Stefan didn’t need that shit in his life. He’d been there, done that, and paid a really steep price for his stupidity.

Gathering his bag for real this time, and yes, Stefan knew how pathetic it was that all his worldly goods fit in one large carpet bag, he patted Garrick’s feathers. “Come on, old boy. We know when we’re not wanted.”

Garrick cawed his assent, his feathers ruffling as he settled more securely. Stefan glanced back as the office door opened, and Darwin poked his head out. “You’re leaving? Please don’t go.”

“I’m sure your friend Lucy pitched his voice purposefully loud enough so I could hear just how badly he doesn’t want me as an anchor.” Stefan raised his voice as well. “He should count himself lucky someone with my skills happened to be free at the moment and was willing to work on short notice. But heaven forbid, I might catch sight of him and fall into a drooling mess at his feet. Honestly, I have better things to do.”

~ ~ ~

Thank you so much Addison for letting me share this with your readers and have a wonderful day.

Tour Excerpt

From Book 3: Validate

“Why would I be angry with you?” Stefan was looking steadfastly out of the passenger window. They were on their way to the airport, as planned. It was just their destination that had changed.

“You have to admit the situation with Foster was unusual. His anchor, Ethan was never found.”

“I doubt anyone ever looked for him. Ethan was just an anchor after all.” Stefan sniffed. “As for Foster, we got told, once we dropped him off at the facility Monty recommended, that the hexing case was under New York’s jurisdiction and therefore not our concern.”

“You weren’t curious about where his new anchor Helen got the hex?” Lucifer checked the traffic, and then risked a quick look at Stefan. Who still wasn’t looking at him. Catching Creed’s glance in the rear-view mirror, Lucifer got the impression the dog was judging him, too.

“I might have been, under different circumstances.”

Yep, Stefan was still angry.

“I mean, if my mate was still working as a Wielder of the Magic Sword, which was his occupation when I met him, and Foster’s case came across our desk as an authorized case, I would’ve jumped right on it with you. But, no, my mate told his boss, Ben, in no uncertain terms that he wouldn’t be doing that job anymore. I believe you told him that after our holiday, we were going to work at the Anchor Division.”

Stefan had an amazing memory. “Yes, I did say that.” Lucifer flicked on his indicator and took the turning for the airport. “But this case isn’t being investigated by the Council.”

“No. No, it’s not.” Stefan turned to face him then, and even out of the corner of his eye, Lucifer could see the hurt and anger on his face. “You’ve taken a case, on our behalf, from the one group of people who want to see people like me either subjugated, or completely wiped off the face of the earth.”

“If this is about the holiday…”

“What holiday?” Stefan didn’t have to raise his voice. He could snap out a sentence and make Lucifer feel as though he’d been whipped. “Are you talking about the holiday that you promised me nothing would get in the way of? That holiday?”

“I’m sure this won’t take long…”

“What the hell difference does it make how long this case takes? I’m not some spoiled society brat you have to appease with holidays and gifts. I’m from the Trades sector. I’m not afraid of hard work.”

“Then what…?”

“You really don’t get it. I can’t believe it, but you honestly don’t get it. Fine. Seeing as you clearly left your brain in your suitcase, I can tell you there are two things I’m upset about.” Stefan never used strong language, or interrupted Lucifer for any reason. But he was on a roll. “One. There’s the fact you didn’t consult me at all before you took the case. You reverted to Lucifer the arrogant ass, and made decisions for both of us, never once considering my feelings on the matter.

“And secondly, and by far the most important to my mind, did you miss the part when I said you’ve been employed by people who want to see me dead? Did you hear what they said about Technic? Council propaganda? Bad press? Excuse me? And that’s without the derogatory tones they used when they referred to me. How could you?”

Author Bio

Lisa Oliver lives in the wilds of New Zealand, although her beautiful dogs Hades and Zeus are now living somewhere else far more remote than she is. Reports indicate they truly enjoy chasing possums although they still can’t catch them. In the meantime, Lisa is living a lot closer to all her adult kids and grandchildren which means she gets a lot more visitors. However, it doesn’t look like she’s ever going to stop writing – with over one hundred paranormal MM (and MMM) titles to her name so far, she shows no signs of slowing down.

When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it is to promise her chocolate. Lisa will do anything for chocolate… and occasionally crackers. She has also started working out, because of the chocolate and the crackers.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers (I really do, lol). You can catch up with her on any of the social media links below.

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