Curated Collections! ~ Down on His Luck

I’m in three currently-active group promotions. The newest one is themed “Down on His Luck.” This collection features books where one or more characters are struggling (i.e. homeless, lost their job, etc.).

In my contribution to this fun promo (To Love and To Cherish) my MC has been couch surfing at his best friend’s apartment for months since he’d been ditched, a mere two weeks before his wedding. Down on his luck, indeed!

He’s a jaded version of his former cheerful self and no longer believes in true love. Between that and a desire to move on with his life, he’s ripe for a marriage of convenience agreement with a like-minded man in need of a live-in caregiver for an elderly relative.

Throw in an accident with a case of temporary amnesia, and you’re in for a fun story!

If that sounds appealing, look for To Love and To Cherish after clicking the banner! Don’t worry that it’s the last book in a series; it features a different couple than the previous books.

To Love and To Cherish is in Kindle Unlimited, in Kobo Plus, and also at distributors everywhere!

These other two are not so much trope specific like the one listed above, but feature books beloved by their authors that they feel need a little more love from readers.

This first one is ending on October 21, so only a little more than a week to go if you want to look this list over:

And this one is for KU subscribers looking for anything from fairly recent releases to oldies but goodies you might have missed:

WARNING: Multiple uses of the F-Bomb Ahead…

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