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It’s the last Friday of the month and you know what that means! It’s ᖇEᗩᗪ ᗩᖇOᑌᑎᗪ TᕼE ᖇᗩIᑎᗷOᗯ time!

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This month’s topic is…

Seasonal Productivity…

Does the season itself and/or the changes in my availability for writerly things as affected by the time of year impact my writing schedule?

First, I don’t have a writing “schedule.” The muse rules all, and when the muse is active, I’ll generally find a way to make time. That said, it’s harder to make time when school isn’t in session since I’ll be watching my granddaughter.

This writing prompt makes me wonder though…is my muse affected by the weather? Does a rainy day or snowy/chilly landscape make me more or less likely to write?

I can’t say I’ve paid much attention to this, but I suppose it might be so? I think wintry days with their shorter stretches of daylight and longer nights make for an easy choice to be inside with a cup of cocoa either reading or writing. On the other hand, cooler weather might make me more inclined to spend my “free” time baking or some such thing.

That said, in my neck of the woods, precious few days in a year are good open-window and I-wanna-be-outside-enjoying-the-weather kind of days. It’s too hot (and humid) or it’s too cold. Not many days that are just plain comfortable, so most of the year is spent doing indoor activities regardless of the season. Which kinda sucks.

Right now the muse is feeling low and uninspired, though a spark of an idea has hit, and I think I might try to coax it into something. Is the change of seasons a factor in this? I honestly don’t know.

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