Lots & Lots of MM Paranormal Romance Books!

I’ve joined in with a lovely group of authors to promote some of our fave MM Paranormal Romance books! You’ll find my novellas Weekend at Bigfoot’s, The Recruit, and The Choice alongside faboulous stories by:

A Little, J.J. Cane, A.R. Molar, Anne Barwell, Blake R. Wolfe, Connor Crowe, Declan Rhodes, Elizabeth Noble, fulushouxi, Gigi Rivers, Howl Avery, Jessie Withers, K.C. Carmine, Kaje Harper, Keving Klehr, Layla Dorine, Leta Blake, Lynn Michaels, M. Kato, M.A. Innes, Marie Reynard, MN Bennet, Morgan Lysand, Naya Zayn, Rissa Blakeley, S. Rodman, Sue Brown, Tarian P.S., Tessa Kane, TJ Nichols, TL Travis, and Ursula Lupine.

It’s a great lineup, isn’t it? My poor TBR suffers greatly under the temptation of targeted group promotions like this one. I fear there’s nothing I can do except add a few more books to the pile!

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