The Faction Series

The Faction series features a vampire world unlike any you’ve read before. Sure, once turned they rely on blood to survive, but they don’t suddenly morph into violent creatures of the night. The Recruit introduces us to Albert, a two-thousand-year-old faction leader, and Phillip/Neil, a brand new recruit saved from an early death, and follows their fledgeling blood-mate relationship through Neil’s early missteps. In The Choice, Neil’s aforementioned misstep comes back to haunt them and steps must be taken to ensure the secrecy of their existence. Concerns for his bloodmate affect Albert’s decisions in this thrilling sequel. In The Journey we pick up the story some years in the future. Human technology and upcoming identification procedures will make it virtually impossible for the vampires to remain safely on earth. This story takes us through their final preparations as they strive to make an interstellar journey to a new home, where they will be safe and free at last.

The third story is a work in progress. Release date is pending, and title (and even the plot plan) is tentative.


The Faction 1 – The Recruit – a novella

Published in eBook format on June 16, 2018 at JMS Books, LLC.


Albert Manlii has walked this earth for more than two thousand years, but survival on his own was never easy. Now he leads a faction of highly organized vampires who carefully guard the secret of their existence. Unlike the old days, potential recruits are carefully selected and presented with an offer.

Phillip Brewer has weeks to live—if he lets his disease run its course. He doesn’t want to die, but given a choice, will his desire to live outweigh his concerns about the vampires’ ethics?

When the new recruit’s missteps are cause for concern, can Albert control the fallout, or will Phillip’s life once again be torn apart?


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The Faction 2 – The Choice – a novella

Published in eBook format on January 5, 2019 at JMS Books, LLC


As a freshly turned vampire, Neil had frozen in panic when he’d found himself face-to-face with his ex-boyfriend, Cameron. Neil thought that misstep and its associated danger was all in the past, but Cameron’s current boyfriend, Dennis, is like a dog with a bone, and a keen imagination. When the two men’s curiosity progresses to the point the vampires consider their secrecy to be endangered, choices must be made.

Now that faction-leader Albert has a blood-mate, he finds himself second-guessing his decisions. Neil would be crushed knowing his mistake led to human deaths, but Albert shouldn’t factor that into the difficult choices he must make. Will Albert’s indecision put the entire vampire establishment in danger? Or is redemption only a flamethrower away?


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The Faction 03 - The Journey -400-x-600

The Faction 3 – The Journey – a novella?

Keep an eye on my Works in Progress page to keep up to date with this story’s writing progress.




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