A Great Review and an Announcement

til_death_do_us_part_400x600I’m cautiously pleased with how things are going so far with the release of my new book, ’Til Death Do Us Part. It’s been submitted for review at a number of review sites/blogs, and one has come through so far, but more have been promised.

Dyllan at Gay Book Reviews gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars, and designated it a “Recommended Read.” Here’s a short excerpt from the review:

“I really, really, really liked this story. The author sets the pace well, and we are able to get to know the characters and how they are dealing with everything since the crash. The day-by-day at the island sometimes cracked me up, and at others had me at a point of tears. Henry, Garret, Devon and Buddy would probably never have met under normal circumstances, but they are all each other got for now, and the only way to stay alive is relying on each other.”

I’m also pleased to announce that I’ve just been informed that ’Til Death Do Us Part will be released in paperback form in June! I’ll post more about that with links and a specific date once I have all the details.

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