Flashback Scene from Sam’s POV #04 (Chap. 5)

’Til Death Do Us Part is now out in eBook formats through JMS Books, LLC (and all the usual distributors), and will be available in print format on June 30, 2016.

This series of blog posts was motivated by a comment from one of the book’s reviewers, Bethany at Rainbow Gold Reviews, who made the comment that she wished the flashback scenes had been from Sam’s POV instead of from Henry’s.

The flashback scenes chronicle the time from when Henry and Sam first began their courtship through to the night before Henry leaves on his ill-fated flight. To catch up with the flashback scenes previously posted, click this link to the the category archives: https://authoraddisonalbright.com/category/til-death-do-us-part/flashback-scenes-from-sams-pov/.

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This week’s scene is from the 4th flashback in the book, found at the beginning of Chapter 5:

“They’re very tolerant of flooding,” Sam said, continuing an earlier conversation they’d been having about mangoes. Henry’s eyes widened as Sam droned on. “Up to fifty days even. The trees develop these hypertrophic lenticels…”

Finally, Henry took the bait and silenced him with a kiss. Sam smiled as the kiss ended.

“I was wondering what it would take to get a reaction out of you,” Sam said.

Henry groaned. “What? You mean all that jabbering was just to see what I’d do?”

“It worked.” Perfectly, in fact.

“You know, if you want me to kiss you, you can just ask.”

“Where’s the fun in that?”

Henry grinned then leaned over to kiss him again, apparently agreeing with his impeccable logic.

This was a short one, and mostly dialogue, which won’t change with the POV. I think I liked Henry’s POV, as told in the book, better for this one, but it’s a close call. (Whew… I needed a point, but Bethany’s still in the lead so far.)

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