Seductive Studs #05

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This week I’m going to give you 122 words from Dreaming of You, the third story in my Dreams TrilogyDreaming of You is a novelette length story originally published at eXcessica before being incorporated into the trilogy once the contracts for the first two books in the trilogy expired.

In this little excerpt Trevor is sitting at a bar when he’s approached by Quinn, a man who’d contributed to the end of Trevor’s dreams at the end of book 2 in the trilogy.

“Hey there.” The voice was irritatingly cheerful. “Trevor, isn’t it?”

“Fuck you, Quinn.”

Trevor didn’t bother turning to look at the man but could sense his continued presence. Fuck. Most men would know enough to leave someone the hell alone after a greeting like that, but not Quinn. Fuck no. Fucking cowboy just stood there.

Scratch that. He sat down on the next barstool.

“Well now, I guess I could take it as a good sign that you know my name.”

Christ. Trevor turned to level a scorching look at his new arch enemy. “And do you take the ‘fuck you’ as a good sign too—Quinn?”

Quinn had the audacity to look puzzled but grinned through it. “Was it a request?”

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Dreaming of You – Blurb

Trevor’s upset when the man he’s been chasing for years chooses another. He’d come to terms with losing Marty, but his hopes had been recently renewed and freshly dashed. While he’s trying to drown his sorrows, the man he considers to be the cause of his distress approaches him.

When Quinn startles Trevor with an insightful revelation, will Trevor be able to put aside their differences and give love another chance?


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