Flash Fiction Friday – July 8, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction: There isn’t a standard specific definition for this term beyond “short”, but for the purposes of this “Flash Fiction Friday” post it will mean a precisely 100-word story scene (aka Drabble) written from a photo prompt.

Today’s prompt picture is:

Disclaimer: The images used in this blog’s posts are found from different sources all over the Internet, and are assumed to be in public domain and are displayed under the fair use principle. Click the image to be taken to my source for today’s photo prompt.

This is another Adventures with Harrison and Mason short scene.

“Think we should follow it, Jaxon?” Mason asked. “I’ll bet they’re on their way to feed King Kong.”

Jaxon perked up in the backseat. “How did they get such a big banana?”

“Imagine how tall the tree must be,” Harrison said. He loved the way Mason stoked Jaxon’s imagination, but try as he might, he was no match for his husband in that department.

“No,” Mason said. “On second thought, I think it’s a normal sized tree.”

“Huh?” Jaxon said, mirroring Harrison’s thoughts.

“Something happened last night. Everything in the world shrunk except that banana.”

Jaxon laughed. “An evil wizard!”

If anyone would like to join me in a Flash Fiction Friday link-around, I’ve started posting a preview of the image early in the week, with instructions.


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