Deleted Scene – ’Til Death Do Us Part

I thought I’d share a scene from ’Til Death Do Us Part that was deleted during the editing process. It was a nice little tying-up-loose-ends scene, but it didn’t advance the story.

Although it would have been a distraction from the storyline and was rightfully ditched, I think it’s a scene that might still be of interest to fans of the story. Here it is…

Second Lieutenant Gavin Faraday placed the headset he’d been wearing on the console and rubbed his hands over his eyes. It had been a tough shift. He’d had to follow some challenging orders, but he’d made it through without losing his drone. He stood and made his way to the exit, relieved to be finally off duty for the day.

“Mail room wants to make sure you stop by today, sir,” Sergeant Canton said as Gavin passed by.

Gavin nodded his acknowledgement and walked out the door. He expelled a deep breath and relaxed his shoulders, allowing the stress of the day to ebb. He turned left instead of the right he’d planned. When the mail room clerk saw him coming, she bent down and retrieved a large box from underneath a table.

Who the hell was sending him a huge box like that? He looked at the return address. Hawaii. It had shipped from the Coast Guard base in Hawaii.

Back in his quarters, Gavin carefully sliced open the top flaps and folded them back. Inside was a large, very worn, but still attractive basket. When he lifted the cover off the basket, he found an 8” x 10” color photograph of the four castaways he’d discovered that appeared to have been taken shortly after they’d disembarked from the Coast Guard cutter in Hawaii.

On the photograph were the words, “To Second Lieutenant Gavin Faraday: Thank you!” and it was signed by each of them, including the childish scrawl of one who’d only ever written on sand before, but he was able to make out the letters spelling “Buddy.”

Gavin was glad he’d remained anonymous and therefore able to avoid the media spectacle that had surrounded the event, but he’d be forever proud of the part he’d played. He smiled to himself, gently folded up the flaps on the package, and carefully stowed it out of the way.


’Til Death Do Us Part

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