What if…? Alternate Conclusions.

I enjoyed writing ’Til Death Do Us Part. The research was fun, as was coming up with various ideas for how to make certain things happen in the story.

Stuff had to happen to Henry on the island, and there were many possibilities from which to choose. Sam had to meet Nash, and there were options for that, too. I could have had a mutual friend set them up. Maybe they could have met at a social gathering. Nash could have been a fellow instructor at the university where Sam taught. I went with a chance meeting, being in the right place at the right time, and simply hitting it off.

The most fun, though, was coming up with ideas regarding how Henry et al would be discovered and rescued. I toyed with a variety of ideas. I came pretty close to killing off Garrett to facilitate one potential method.

Another idea was for some adventure-loving vacationers on a sailing holiday to think it would be fun to trace the ocean current back from where an outlier life jacket had been found (assumed to have been blown there by the southeast trade winds) to see what they could find, never expecting to actually stumble upon survivors.

I also considered a Google Earth discovery. A satellite image might have shown some or all of the survivors on the beach of their island. Social media speculation would go viral. Surely the island was too small for that to be an actual settlement, wasn’t it? Some nerd could put two and two together regarding that one life jacket, ocean currents, and the island’s location, and wonder whether or not they could be survivors of that old plane crash.

I’m guilty of doing a couple things with books I’ve loved reading. One is to imagine what comes next in the characters’ lives, and the other is to come up with “what if” ideas. Do you do that, too?


My stories in the “Vows” universe (click links below for more info):

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To Love and To Cherish – a novel giving Nash (Sam’s former fiancé) an HEA of his own (Coming November 12, 2016 in ebook formats, and November 30, 2016 in print).

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