Coffee, Anyone?

No, thank you. I love the smell, but I’ve never acquired a taste for the stuff. I feel like a bit of an outsider with all the coffee memes I see on my Facebook feed every day.

1a50a587-8e99-4f50-b677-dfe673725814.pngMy coffee aversion isn’t simply due to caffeine avoidance. I don’t drink decaf, either. I can deal with tea, but don’t particularly favor it. If I’m going to drink something hot, it’s going to be cocoa (complete with a hit of Reddi-Whip and chocolate syrup drizzle).

I also loathe colas (there’s a story behind that, I’ll explain below) so I’ve developed into quite the caffeine weenie. I don’t mind fruity sodas, but certain ones have caffeine added to them so I have to pointedly avoid those.

If I have the caffeine equivalent of even a single cup of coffee fairly early in the morning, I won’t get any sleep at all that night. None. I’ll lie there with a case of the jimmy-legs, tossing and turning. All. Night. Long.

Yes, I realize chocolate has some caffeine in it, too. My tastes run toward milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate, so the amount of caffeine is quite small and doesn’t seem to affect me.

file-nov-01-10-36-05-amMy favorite drink of all, hot or cold? A simple glass of cool water. My Tervis gets refilled throughout the day and goes with me pretty much everywhere. Sometimes I’ll give it a hit of lemon.

My favorite flavored drink is lemonade. Preferably homemade and with strawberry, cherry, or raspberry welcomed, but optional.

I promised you the story of why I hate colas. When I was growing up I frequently got sick to my stomach. My mother would stir up some Coke in a little juice glass and make me drink it, saying it would settle my stomach. It never settled my stomach, and always, always made me empty my stomach within minutes.

I don’t know what the technical term for this effect is…negative association…negative reinforcement…whatever. The end result, though, is that to this day even smelling the stuff makes me nauseous. Bleh.

What’s your favorite beverage? Got any you hate?


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Addison Albright is a writer/author living in the middle of the USA with three peculiar cats. Her stories are gay (sometimes erotic) romance, and tend to be sweet man-love in contemporary settings. Her education includes a BS in Education with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Chemistry. Addison loves spending time with her family, reading, popcorn, boating, french fries, “open window weather,” cats, math, and anything chocolate. She loves to read pretty much anything and everything, anytime and anywhere.

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4 thoughts on “Coffee, Anyone?

  1. I can’t stand coffee. Not even fond of the smell. Of course, my partner loves it. I can’t drink any orange-flavoured soft drinks either, have the same negative association with it that you do with cola. In fact, there are only two types of soft drink I’ll guzzle now, lemonade and caffeine-free cola. Most of the time, though, it’s just water. Although, our water has a particular sort of pollinated flavour in the spring due to it coming from our roof and our house being surrounded by pines.

    But my favourite beverage? That’s got to be a soy hot chocolate.

  2. I get that negative associations thing. When my cousin was a teenager she stole vodka from her parents and she mixed it with Fanta, drank too much and got sick. And now she’s almost 50 years old and she still can’t stomach yellow drinks 😀

    The worst drink I know is tomato juice. I don’t like tomatoes and I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would make a juice of it and want to drink it. Just the thought of it repulses me!! And I’m also not a fan of bitter alcoholic beverages, like Jägermeister or the equivalent.

    My favorite drinks are green tea, sparkling water and red wine. And a Swedish grapefruit soda called Grappo, that I’ve never found the equivalent of anywhere else 🙂

    1. The grapefruit soda sounds good. I love grapefruits and their juice.

      I avoid tomatoes, too. Not so much because I hate them, but because I get sick to my stomach if I eat much at all. I can only put maybe a teaspoon of spaghetti sauce on pasta or I’ll be sick that night. I have to order pizza with light sauce and eat no more than two pieces or I’ll regret it later. I’m surprised I don’t have a stronger negative association with it. Some (very saucy dishes don’t sound good), but not altogether. I go easy on BBQ sauce, too, for the same reason. I’m not sure what it is about them that does that to me. I have no trouble with the acidity of fruits in general.

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