Treadmill Self-Challenge – Day 03 – Night Watch by Josh Lanyon

I haven’t been as good as I’d like to be with my exercise regime. I’ve got a treadmill, and I hop on it for a half hour, approximately every other day. That’s not good enough. So, I’m challenging myself with a goal of getting on it every single day, and working up to perhaps an hour, if not a little more. I maintain a fairly slow pace (30min/mile) and don’t plan to change that significantly (if at all). My goal it to do it more often, and for a little longer.

My hope is that posting a chart about my successes/failures will help motivate me to stay on track.

What did I do while walking today? I finished reading Josh Lanyon’s short story, Night Watch. I’d started it on “day 01” of my treadmill challenge. I think I’ll make a rule for my treadmill reading that whatever book I choose, it can only be read during my treadmill time. That ought to help motivate me to get on every day, and I’ll be more likely to push the time, too. 😀

I enjoyed this story immensely. Josh is one of my auto-buys, so no surprise there. I love that the drama was realistic and didn’t go in a direction it could have done just to have a big climax scene at the expense of realism. There was some background suspense, sure, but it was more about emotional self-evaluation and building a budding relationship. It’s a fantastic quick-read for anyone who likes to read short stories.

Day 01
Sunday, 20-Nov.
30 min/mile 33:06 min:sec 1.1 miles
Day 02
Monday, 21-Nov.
 ? (mowing)  1:08:15.48 hr:min:sec  ? (mowing)
Day 03
Tuesday, 22-Nov.
 30 min/mile  38:09 min:sec  1.2 miles
Day 04
Wednesday, 23-Nov.
Day 05
Thursday, 24-Nov.
Day 06
Friday, 25-Nov.
Day 07
Saturday, 26-Nov.

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