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Title:  PeopleFish
Author: Medella Kingston
Publisher:  NineStar Press
Release Date: January 23rd
Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex
Pairing: Female/Female
Length: 118000
Genre: Romance, lesbian, bisexual, paranormal, Addiction, psychic ability, romance

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Her Cree grandmother called it the gift of seeing, but for Petra “Pete” Orvatch, knowing things in ways that defy explanation has made reality and fantasy blur in a world where the clocks literally go backward. Her fascinating and clairvoyant mind is a riddle that many doctors have tried to solve with medication. Love comes her way unexpectedly when she meets Fiona Angeli, a stunningly beautiful single mother. A risk-taker by nature, Fiona is not scared off by her new lover’s psychic abilities and eccentricities.

The two of them share passion and secrets on a magical and surprising journey, and their torrid love affair takes them to thrilling new places until betrayal divides them. Both these women fight battles within themselves; Fiona must gain control of her dangerous compulsions, and Pete’s onerous gift ultimately puts her at risk of losing herself in the gap between delusions and the real world.


Exclusive Excerpt


Medella Kingston © 2017

All Rights Reserved

Pete looked at the bag and saw that it was in fact really big and fairly full. It was well-worn and had once been a shade of orange, but the patina of time had turned it to more of a brown.

“What else have you got in there?” She raised one eyebrow playfully, almost flirtatiously. Fiona leaned in closer to her. More lavender.

“You really want to know?” Pete nodded. “Okay—but don’t judge me too harshly…” she said conspiratorially. She unzipped the canvas behemoth, turned it to face Pete, and pried open its jaws briefly for her to see its contents: pepper spray, a battered old leather wallet, a pale blue scarf, a pair of handcuffs, a balled-up pair of panties, something that looked like a small bottle of lube, and a miniscule, shiny object she couldn’t make out the details of. Before she could get a closer look at the contents, Fiona zipped up the bag. Pete thought she should be startled, or at least on guard, but instead she felt an adrenaline rush like the kind she got when she used to exceed the speed limit on her old motorcycle. Yes, Red the Seat Stealer was in fact a dangerous woman.

“Fiona Angeli?” the receptionist’s voice sounded, this time without the perforation of gum chewing. “We’re ready for you now.”

“Oh, sorry, Pete—got to go. It’s my turn,” Fiona said with an apologetic smile. Pete fumbled in her jacket pocket, took out her wallet, produced a business card, and handed it to Fiona.

“In case you want to know what I think about all that stuff in your bag,” she said provocatively. Fiona took it, gathered up her things, smiled at Pete for a few seconds, and left the waiting room.

Pete breathed in her scent like an animal as she watched her walk away. She hadn’t felt this intrigued and captivated by anyone before. With those panties, handcuffs, and a distinct air of mystery, Fiona was a puzzle she wanted to solve. Fate had just put them in the same place at the same time, and though reality was not her most loyal friend, Pete did trust her own instincts and they were telling her she’d see Fiona again very soon.

Forty-seven more minutes until her appointment. She was grateful for the apple, which had quieted her stomach. All she could think about was Fiona. Even though she couldn’t be sure Fiona was into women, she did know for certain that she was bold, incredibly sexy, and utterly unafraid of social risks. Pete felt a butterfly flap its wings inside her gut as she imagined kissing her. Her mouth was fabulously inviting, and Pete had found it difficult not to stare at her ample lips as she spoke. Pete had been with many women who didn’t know they liked women until they met her. Maybe it would be like this with Fiona. She closed her eyes, leaned her head against the wall, and fantasized about Fiona.

With her cowboy boots off, they were almost the same height. Fiona was just a bit taller than Pete’s five foot seven. She didn’t mind tipping her chin up to kiss this woman because the kissing was so amazing. Those delicious, padded lips absorbed hers completely. Their tongues met as equals; neither dominated, so the kissing was more like dancing than fencing. Her mouth was the perfect wetness, and even though they were both incredibly turned on, they couldn’t stop kissing to engage in more adventurous activities.

Pete longed to be naked with her; she imagined the curves awaiting discovery beneath all those clothes. She crossed her legs and, feeling warm, undid a button on her blouse.

Her arousal made her too restless to stay seated, so she got up, looked at the clock one more time, and left.

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Meet the Author

Medella Kingston fell in love with writing at an early age and published articles, poems, and stories when she was growing up. She wrote, performed, and sold songs for movie soundtracks, and continued writing short stories for her own pleasure. She currently sings in the band Omnesia, which has aired locally on UC Berkeley’s radio station and been heard as far east as Goa and the Mumbai University. She lives with her partner and their two dogs in the East Bay. PeopleFish is Medella’s first novel, and she is currently working on a new book.

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