King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate – POV Switch Part 1

I kind of like rewriting various scenes from my published stories in an alternate POV to post here on the blog. If you check out the Bonus Scenes tab at the top of the page, you’ll find links to those, as well as other bonus scenes for some of my stories.

This one’s the first part of the opening scene from King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate. The published (FREE) short story is told entirely from Blaine’s POV. Using 1st-person perspective, here’s how George perceived that scene:

I cast a side-eye peek at the guy who’d just slid onto the stool next to me at the bar, and the hope that briefly boosted my mood dropped swiftly away. He seemed a bit prissy, smoothing his hands over his suit. In other words, not likely to go for me, but it was slim pickins tonight, and he might be my last chance of getting laid.

“A Skinny Pirate, please,” the man requested.

Ben the bartender’s eyebrow shot up, but he kept his poker face. “Coming right up.”

I turned to give Mr. Prim and Proper a good look-see. He pointedly ignored me, turning to check out the clean-cut lookin’ yuppy-wannabe on the other side of him. I stifled a chuckle as the guy snubbed Mr. Starchy Pants.

My target’s suit looked pricey, not that I knew much about what suits cost, but I recognized well-fitting when I saw it. His hands didn’t look like they’d ever done a day’s hard labor in his life, and I’d have spewed my beer if I’d been mid-sip when I caught sight of his fingernails. I would bet my last paycheck they’d been professionally manicured. I’m not a total rube, I knew some men did that. I just hadn’t met one before, let alone considered hitting on him.

Ben put Mr. Swanky’s drink in front of him, and the man slapped some bills on the bar.

I knew the answer to my question, but figured it was as good an opening line as any. “Why’s that called a Skinny Pirate? Looks like rum and Coke to me.”

He sighed as if I was wasting the few precious seconds it would take to answer and swiveled on his seat to face me. Points for that, anyway. “Because it’s made with Captain Morgan rum and Diet Coke.”

He picked up his drink and spun on the stool, looking out over the room. He wasn’t going to find a hookup at any of the tables. They were all couples.

I turned on my seat and took a swig from my bottle of beer. “Not much hope out there. I’ve already scoped the place.”

Mr. Still-Hoping-for-Better-than-Me glanced at the guy on his other side.

“Preppy there’s got someone who’s going to be joining him.” I shrugged. “I already tried.”

The man heaved another sigh and looked me up and down, taking in my bald head, unkempt beard, and large, very hairy body, clothed in basic—but at least clean, if a bit wrinkly and weathered—blue jeans and a snug T-shirt.

I grinned. “Feelin’ desperate, are ya?”

He scowled. Fuck it. I might not end up getting laid, but I could at least have a little laugh at the expense of Mr. Straitlaced.

I waggled my eyebrows. “I showered and everything.”

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