King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate POV Switch Part 3

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So far I’ve posted the opening scene from King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate in two parts. This is the first part of the next scene. Links to the previous scenes can be found by clicking the Bonus Scenes tab in the menu at the top of the page. The published (FREE) short story is told entirely from Blaine’s POV. Using 1st-person perspective, here’s how George perceived this scene:

I opened the door to my apartment, and Blaine’s head swiveled as he cast his gaze around my living room. I mentally shrugged off the thought that perhaps he’d doubted my word when I’d assured him my apartment was clean, and put it down to basic human curiosity. Even so, I couldn’t resist a little poke.

“Told ya.”

“You’re a man of your word, George. I like that.”

I kept walking toward my bedroom, and Blaine stayed right on my heels. I stopped and turned when I reached the middle of the room. “I don’t suppose it would be a good idea to just rip that suit off you in a horny haze.” Not that I expected him to give me the go-ahead. I shuddered to think what the cost of the repairs would be. But, I had to admit, although I didn’t typically go for men who were as “high-end” as Blaine, he was damned hot in that getup. I made a quick adjustment, because my jeans were on the verge of becoming uncomfortable.

“I’d appreciate it if you managed to resist.”

I stifled a snort and pulled a straight-backed chair away from the wall. “Here…is this good enough to hang it on, or do you want me to dig a suit hanger out of the closet?”

“The chair’s fine.”

I walked into the bathroom as Blaine shrugged out of his jacket. I turned on the faucet and brushed my teeth. When I finished, I rummaged in the drawer for a spare toothbrush then stepped back into the bedroom. Blaine seemed like a hygienic sort, but even so, I tossed it through the air toward him.

“I like to kiss.” I added a wink, hoping he wouldn’t feel insulted, then pulled my T-shirt over my head.

Blaine stood in his shorts and undershirt staring at my chest, then he shook the deer-in-the-headlights look off his face and stepped into the bathroom. When he returned, I was down to my boxer briefs, folding down the bedspread. He smiled, I think at the sight of the fresh-looking sheets. I straightened and gave him a grin of my own. “It always bothers me when I go to someone’s place and the bed has more life growing on it than a Petri dish.” His smile widened, so I supposed my guess was right. Apparently, we had something in common. “Sex might be grubby, but the sheets don’t need to be—at least not ’til after.”

I removed his undershirt and tossed it toward the chair. His body was lean and toned. The sight of his smooth pale skin, essentially hairless except for the dark trail heading south from his navel sent a jolt of heat through me. His eyes widened, and his body stiffened slightly as I placed one hand on his jaw. He made no moves to indicate he was unwilling as opposed to just feeling a little awkward, so I moved in for a kiss.

His breath was minty-fresh, and his lips warmed as quickly as his body relaxed. His arms curled around my torso as he closed his eyes and seemed to melt in my arms. My skin tingled wherever his hands roamed. I deepened the kiss and cupped the back of his neck with one hand as his settled teasingly at my waist.

When I pressed our hips together, he moaned and opened his eyes. I broke the kiss, and my breath hitched as a grin stretched slowly across my face. My fingers lingered at his jaw.

“What?” Blaine panted.

I shook my head. “Nothing. Just pleasantly surprised.” Which was more than just a bit of an understatement. My heart raced, anticipating our next moves. I gestured toward the bed. “Come on. Skivvies off.”

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