#AtoZChallenge – B is for Buddy

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I’m participating in the A to Z blogger challenge this year. Since April also is the anniversary month for the release of my novel, ’Til Death Do Us Part, I thought I’d use that for the theme of my posts. For each letter I will come up with a word that is pertinent to the story, and post a short excerpt featuring it.

In general these excerpts will bounce around the timeline (after all, the story isn’t told in alphabetical order). No worries, I’ll give a little context leading into each scene so it won’t be necessary to read the others to enjoy the snippet-of-the-day.

BB is for Buddy

One of the more endearing aspects of my story ’Til Death Do Us Part is a character named Buddy. That’s not his actual name, but he’s one of four characters who survived a plane crash in the South Pacific ocean and made it to a small uncharted island. The kid is too young to talk, and none of the other survivors knew him, thus he becomes “Buddy.”

For context, this scene takes place early in the morning after the survivors (Henry, Garrett, Devon, and Buddy) washed up on the island. They’re discussing taking turns going into the island’s interior in search of puddles after the previous night’s rain. They don’t want to all go in at the same time because they want to be visible to potential rescue parties. It’s told from Henry’s 1st-person POV:

“Let’s take turns going in,” said Garrett. “You and your kid go in first.”

“Not my kid,” I replied.

“He begs to differ.”

Of course Garrett knew the kid wasn’t actually mine. He’d been sitting across the aisle from me, then was close behind me at the exit, but that was a fair point. The kid would eventually have to let go of me, but apparently he wasn’t quite ready for that to happen. I ducked us under a branch and started weaving through the thick foliage.

There were indeed a number of little dips with standing water. I wouldn’t have trouble drinking it, but I wasn’t sure about my little buddy. Did he still drink from a bottle? Had he any experience with those sipper cups they made for the older ones?

Sam had plenty of nieces and nephews, and we spent a lot of time with his family, but I’d never thought to pay attention to the details of childhood progressions. It just hadn’t interested me enough to make note.

I did know, though, that whatever stage Buddy had been in, it probably hadn’t involved lapping at puddles like a pet cat or dog, or attempting a scoop-and-pour with a leaf. But apparently instinct and a very strong thirst can overcome a lack in specific training quite well.

“Come on, Buddy,” I said, squatting and pointing toward a puddle of water. “Let’s lie on our tummies and drink some of this. I bet you’re as thirsty as I am.” I did my best to speak with authority, like I wasn’t giving him an option.


Henry and Sam Miller-Greene are living the dream. They love their careers — which afford each of them opportunities to travel to exotic locations — they love their home, Sam’s caring family, and each other. They disagree on the subject of adoption, but are fully committed to each other in marriage … ’Til Death Do Us Part.

The dream is shattered when Henry’s plane crashes, and he’s presumed dead. But four people — Henry, two other men, and a child — survive undetected on a remote, small, and insignificant island. Will Sam and Henry’s love be able to survive as well?

Henry fights to endure in harsh conditions, never knowing when disaster will strike. Sam struggles with his loss, but with help moves on with his life. Will Sam be able to put aside his new love when he reunites with Henry?

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    1. Ha! Yeah, the name was a no-brainer, it was just a question of which snippet to use to feature him. I went with an early one. He’ll show up again in other snippets later. 😉

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