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The Vows Series audiobook project is moving along right on schedule (Voice Talent: David Gilmore). I’ve got some shiny new audiobook covers, and now I need to get busy lining up promo and reviews.

The covers for ’Til Death Do Us Part, To Love and To Cherish, and for the Vows Box Set, will look familiar. They’re simply the ebook/paperback covers reformatted for the square audiobook requirements. But the audiobook cover for From This Day Forward is brand new. In ebook formats it was part of JMS’s Summer Lovin’ series and had a generic cover that matched all the other releases in that series. It was included in the paperback of ’Til Death Do Us Part, so it didn’t have its own cover for that, either.

Cover Montage 600x600

This is what I know at this point regarding the release schedule:

These are the days the finished narration is due to be turned in, so the release days will be staggered by whatever the final processing time is after that—time for me to listen and give final approval (no more than a week), then time for ACX to process it (“10-14 days”):

  • ’Til Death Do Us Part – August 31, 2017 (Release probably late September?)
  • From This Day Forward – September 20, 2017 (Release probably mid-October?)
  • To Love and To Cherish –  October 15, 2017 (Release probably mid-November?)
  • Vows Box Set – November 8, 2017 (Release probably early-December?)

My understanding is that I won’t precisely know the release dates until they happen, and I won’t have download codes for reviewers until the release date either. If anyone with actual experience releasing their own audiobooks can tell me more about this, please weigh in!

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    1. Me too! Same guys as book 1 to tie the stories together. Yet simpler, because it’s a shorter follow up. I thought it was perfect. 😃

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