#RainbowSnippets Sept. 23, 2017 – ’Til Death Do Us Part

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In celebration of its upcoming release in audiobook format, this week’s snippet is a scene from ’Til Death Do Us Part. This is from one of the early flashback scenes and picks up immediately where I left off last week where Henry has been lamenting a recent rejection he’d received from Sam (this is the final scene for this thread).

Scene background: Sam and Henry are merely business acquaintances at this point, and they’ve recently arrived in the Solomon Islands on a research trip.

Told from Henry’s 3rd-person POV.

Click to expand refresher scenes from this thread:

Part 1 – Posted 2-Sept-2017

“Thanks, but no.”

That had been the polite but decisive and unquestionably short answer Sam had given Henry. They’d been eating dinner and Henry had worked up the nerve to invite Sam back to his room for a drink. Sam had blushed. Obviously he’d known that Henry was hoping for more than a drink. That’s what Sam had declined.


Part 2 – Posted 9-Sept-2017

Henry couldn’t work up any regret for having tried. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, after all. He’d been mooning after the man all year, although he was reasonably sure he’d hidden it well behind a professional demeanor.

He admired everything about Sam. His intelligence, his passion for his work, even his shy and reserved manners that were so different from his own. The fact that he found the man fascinatingly eye-catching was just icing on the cake.

Part 3 – Posted 16-Sept-2017

He wasn’t conventionally handsome—his nose was a little too large, and his ears stuck out adorably—but the man had the most beautiful blue eyes that reminded Henry of well-worn denim, and a killer grin. The best thing about that grin was that its wearer obviously had no idea the effect it had on people—or at least on Henry.

Henry made his way down the breakfast buffet line and filled his plate. He didn’t see Sam in the room yet and hoped his colleague wasn’t going to avoid him now. Henry didn’t want things to be awkward between them.

This week’s new snippet:

Part 4 – 23-Sept-2017

They still had a few more days to spend together in Honiara, then weeks in close proximity on some of the smaller islands. Then they’d be back to rubbing elbows in the biology department at the university.

He decided it would be best to just prattle on as if nothing had been said next time he saw Sam. Simply ignore the incident and hopefully Sam would forget all about it, and things would get back to the way they were. Except for Henry; Henry would always know that the man who occupied his dreams didn’t want him.

Fans of the story can access all the bonus scenes and alternate POV scenes for ’Til Death Do Us Part, here: https://authoraddisonalbright.com/free-stuff/bonus-scenes/bonus-scenes-til-death-do-us-part/

You can find the blurb, a long excerpt, review and buy-links for the book, here: https://authoraddisonalbright.com/my-publications/series/vows/til-death-do-us-part/

TilDeathDoUsPartFULL  FromThisDayForwardFULL

’Til Death Do Us Part is currently available in both ebook and print formats. I can’t narrow down the precise release date for the audiobook, but the release blitz is scheduled for Thursday, 12-October. The target release date is “sometime shortly before that.” If the ACX standard estimate of 7-14 days is accurate, then they’ll probably be available somewhere in the first week of October.

From This Day Forward is a novelette that picks up immediately after ’Til Death Do Us Part ends. That audiobook will also be live about the same time.


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    1. Oh he will. It’s not even much of a spoiler for me to say so since this is a flashback scene (the book starts out with them as a married couple). The fun is in seeing how it happened. 😃

    1. Hehehee…sob away! ♡ No more pathetic than my melting into a puddle of goo with happy tears after finally reading the final version of Cinnamon Eyes!

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