Captain Jack and the Snack Attack – Alternate POV Scene 3 of 6

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Scattered across eight days during this holiday season I’m posting six alternate POV scenes from my short story, Captain Jack and the Snack Attack, that can be found in the free anthology, Make the Yuletide Gay. Here’s the third scene from Kenton’s POV.

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Kenton’s fingers stretched through the holes in the steel wire door of the carrier, moving in time with the beat of Eartha Kitt singing Santa Baby. Captain Jack was none too happy about being trapped in the carrier as they waited to be called back to an examination room at the vet’s office.

“It won’t be much longer, Jacky,” he cooed. The kitten would like the exam, which included an immunization shot, even less than his confinement in the carrier. “Don’t worry, we’ll be back home in no time at all.”

Captain Jack wasn’t buying it, and he continued to mew pitifully.

The music switched over to Amy Winehouse’s I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, and Kenton looked up when a male voice coming from the door to the reception office announced, “Kenton and Captain Jack?”

He blinked twice, which was at least better than effecting a double take, but no doubt his surprise was evident. As was the look of astonishment on Mr. Adorable-but-Completely-Uninterested from that charity auction, who was apparently a veterinary assistant.

The man’s face quickly morphed from startled eyes over a professional cheery smile, to a more relaxed “Wow, it’s a small world” grin. Kenton instinctively returned the smile.

“Hello, Kenton. I’m Gordon Triggs—Gordie—and I’ll be assisting Dr. Dalton with Captain Jack’s examination today.” He gestured toward the scales on the other side of the room. “Let’s get the little guy weighed, then we’ll head back to an exam room.”

It would seem that Mr. Delectable, aka Gordie, was over his auction loss. And the man had supplied an apologetic gesture for his fleeting transgression so Kenton was willing join Gordie in putting the incident behind them.

“Nice to meet you, Gordie.” Kenton relaxed as he realized the truth of his words. He picked up the pet carrier and followed.

“You can put the carrier down here.” Gordie patted the countertop next to a scale, and Kenton did as directed. Kenton popped open the latch and cooed as he peered into the carrier. He pulled out the kitten and held him, nuzzling his fuzzy little face to calm the incessant meows before gently handing the tiny furball to Gordie.

Gordie lifted him to eye level and tutted, “Look at those beautiful blue eyes. He’s adorable. Where’d you get this little guy? Shelters don’t usually give them away this young.”

“A friend of my brother took in a pregnant homeless cat. They were going to wait a few more weeks before giving away the kittens, but the mama started rejecting them.”

Gordy set Jacky on the scale and the meowing recommenced. “So, ‘Captain Jack,’ huh?” He flashed Kenton a grin and picked up the kitten.

Kenton’s face heated, and much as he didn’t want to appear overeager, he couldn’t stop a return smile. “Yeah. I guess you already know I’m a huge fan.”

“Actually, I’d convinced myself you were trying to win it for one of your kids or something.”

“Me?” Kenton laughed as Gordie handed back the kitten. Had Gordie really thought that or was he fishing? He hadn’t shown any interest during the heat of their auction battle, but the glint in his eyes now sure pointed toward a cautious attraction. Restrained, no doubt, due to the fact he was working, and Kenton was a customer. “Heck no, I don’t have kids. I’m…uh…single.”

Kenton held Gordie’s gaze as he said those last three words. Might as well be obvious.

The slant of Gordie’s eyebrows conveyed that he got the message loud and clear, and the curve of his lips indicated his pleasure in that communication. Gordie stared straight into Kenton’s eyes. “So am I.”

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