Captain Jack and the Snack Attack – Alternate POV Scene 4 of 6

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Scattered across eight days during this holiday season I’m posting six alternate POV scenes from my short story, Captain Jack and the Snack Attack, that can be found in the free anthology, Make the Yuletide Gay. Here’s the fourth scene from Kenton’s POV.

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White kitten visiting vet for check up

Kenton burrowed his face into Captain Jack’s neck after Gordie got them settled in an examination room. They didn’t have to wait long before Dr. Dalton joined them. He glanced at the information sheet on the clipboard and chuckled. “I’m a Torchwood fan, too.”

Kenton looked up and nodded. “I loved that show.”

“Oh yeah,” Gordie said. “Captain Jack Harkness. I was thinking Sparrow, but they’re both cool.”

“Both worthy of the namesake,” Kenton said. He handed the kitten over to Gordie’s waiting hands after one last snuggle and coo. Their fingers brushed along one another, and their eyes locked for a few seconds. The moment was brief, but the tingle solidified Kenton’s interest.

Captain Jack mewed pitifully when Gordie placed him on the table.

“They’re an eccentric pair, that’s for sure.” Dr. Dalton got busy probing and assessing the kitten as Kenton hovered nearby. The doc checked inside Jacky’s mouth, looked at his eyes and ears, and listened to his heart and lungs. When he finished, he nodded at Gordie, and Gordie turned and prepared the vaccine.

Kenton leaned down and made soothing noises in the kitten’s face as Gordie carefully held him in place. Somehow the little guy didn’t even seem to notice when the thin needle slipped into his hindquarters.

The appointment was over in a flash. Dr. Dalton bustled out while Gordie disposed of the used syringe. He wiped the counter as Kenton quietly petted Captain Jack and slipped him into his carrier.

What should he do? Gordie wouldn’t be able to hit on him while he was at work. Kenton would have preferred a natural opening in a social setting to an awkward date request while Gordie was working.

“Um.” Gordie cleared his throat and smiled, although he seemed a bit stiff. “Well, it was nice to officially meet you, Kenton. Have you hung your poster yet?”

“Yeah, I’ve got the whole series now.” Kenton paused with his hand on the carrier and regarded Gordie with his head tilted. Regardless of what he would have rather done, this setting was likely to be his only opportunity to ask Gordie out. He was pretty sure he was reading the man correctly. Gordie’s inquiry seemed as much a request for Kenton to make a move as it was actual interest in the poster. “Would…um…would you like to go out to dinner with me?”

Gordie’s optimistic smile transformed into a cheery grin, and he visibly relaxed. “That’d be great. Yeah, I’d like that.”

Kenton pulled out his phone. “What’s your number? I’ll text you later tonight and we’ll set something up.”

Out in his car, Kenton stretched his fingers through the holes in the carrier’s steel wire door and tickled the kitten. “What do you think, Jacky? He seems nice, right? You liked him.” He’d been gentle holding Kenton’s precious pet, and how people treated animals said a lot about them. A lazy smile stretched across Kenton’s face. “I’m thinking the Urban Grill in Urbandale. What do you think?”

Captain Jack licked his finger, which might or might not have been an endorsement of his plan.

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