#RainbowSnippets 6-Jan-2018 – Closets Are for Clothes

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Snipping from (unedited) Closets Are for Clothes featuring Mike & Wes. In this thread, Mike’s brother, Greg, has driven cross country for a surprise visit.

Told from Mike’s 1st-person POV.

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Closets Are for Clothes - Surprise! Part 1 – 30-Dec-2017

Greg nodded thoughtfully, but I could practically see the wheels turning in his head. “Well, anyway, I’ve got some news.” He smiled broadly and laid his hands flat on the table with an expectant expression on his face.

“Yeah? More news beyond wanting to move here?”

“Yep.” Greg practically vibrated in his seat. “Remember the woman I told you about over Christmas? We’d been dating since the beginning of senior year?”

“Marie, right?”

“You remember! Well, I asked her to marry me, and she said ‘yes’.”

This Week’s Snippet:

(Closets Are for Clothes - Surprise! Part 2 – 6-Jan-2018

“You’re engaged?” I jumped out of the chair. He stood, and I gave him a hug and thumped his back.

“Congratulations.” Wes grinned and tilted his head, peering questioningly at Greg. He opened his mouth like he had more to say, but Greg continued.


I stepped backed and raised my brow. “And?”

“And I’d very much like you to be my best man.”

Dream On – Book 1 – Closets Are for Clothes

43,199 words

Coming in February, 2018 to JMS Books, LLC

Mike’s life is carefully compartmentalized. He’s deep in the closet to his family back in Kansas, but lives life honestly and openly in Austin. He’s unnerved when Wes, his old university crush, turns up at his door in answer to a roommate advertisement, but quickly sees the potential…benefits of the arrangement. Wes has never doubted nor denied his sexuality. With the support of his family he’s an out and proud LGBT activist.

On the scale balancing his self-esteem on one side, and the love of his family on the other, Mike has to decide which weighs more. Is Mike being fair to his parents by not giving them the chance to know his real self? When the delicate balance of his life is disrupted, he decides he’s tired of living a lie. Will Wes understand his concerns, or will their fledgling relationship crumble under the strain of Mike’s uncertainty?

NOTE: Closets Are for Clothes  is a from-the-ground-up comprehensively rewritten and reedited version of A Dream Come True. While the theme of the original story is the same, and many important scenes remain (albeit retold), much of the story’s background has changed. The earlier editions were told in alternating 3rd-person POV. Closets Are for Clothes is told entirely from Mike’s 1st-person POV.


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    1. Nah…Greg’s wedding plans won’t have too much impact on Mike’s crush on Wes. At this point in the story Mike and Wes are dating.

    1. I know! Me too! I have to force myself not to inquire because I don’t want to be a pain in the ass, but I’d love to get the specific date and the cover so I can get promo lined up.

    1. There’ll be some mixed feelings, the reason for which will come out later, but Mike won’t hesitate here. 🙂

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