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Lisa Oliver has a new MM fantasy book out:

King Zagan, Commander of the legions of the damned and one of the higher echelon in the Underworld, never fancied a mate. Demons weren’t that way inclined. But when Botis met the Archangel Raziel and their relationship actually worked, Zagan was intrigued. Of course, it wasn’t as though he planned on claiming anyone, but tangling in the sheets with a forbidden angel was a vice he could and would enjoy. Or so he thought.

Anael has always considered himself the annoying younger brother of angels like Raziel. As the angel of love, passion and sexuality, he could see love connections that others couldn’t. When he saw his connection with Zagan he was so excited. Not only was he part of the big “Mating Scheme” devised by Head Office, but he snagged King Zagan, the secret crush he’s had for centuries. Now if only things could go right for them both.

A marriage proposal from Lady Zoltus is just the first sign of trouble for the new couple. When Lucifer sticks his nose in and detains Zagan in the Underworld, leaving Anael to roam earth alone, more secrets are uncovered. After a confrontation Anael starts to question if anything he does is right. Will these two ever find their HEA?


Book Two of the Balance Series: This book is a continuation of the Balance series although it focuses on a new couple. It advisable to have read book one, The Viper’s Heart (Raziel’s and Botis’s story) to gain a sense of context for this one. MM intimate experiences divulged in the pages. Suitable for adult readers only.



“I thought you told me that sweet little angel was totally gaga over me and couldn’t wait to jump on my cock.” Zagan twirled Botis around and slammed him up against the bathroom wall.

“There is no way I used the word gaga.” Botis shook his head and pushed Zagan away although in the small bathroom, that wasn’t very far. “That word has never passed my lips before and I’m not sure I’m pleased it has now. I never said he wanted to ride your cock either. He’s an angel for fart’s sake.”

“You know what I mean.” Zagan was furious. “You said he was begging to meet me.”

“Yeah, so, and he was.” Botis shrugged, smoothing his hands down his Hugo Boss jacket. “Clearly, he was infatuated with the stories about you. When he met you in real life….” He waved a hand at Zagan’s more casual attire, “Maybe you didn’t live up to the hype.”

A burst of flame escaped Zagan’s nostrils as he snorted. “I earned every bit of my reputation,” he snarled.

“And how is any part of that reputation going to put you in the good books with an angel?” Botis smirked at Zagan’s glare. Poxy demon was so smug; firmly wrapped around the Archangel Raziel’s little finger.

“It might suit you to be an angel’s pet snake,” Zagan replied, referring to Botis’s shifted form. “I just wanted to sample the goods. It’s not as though demons get the go ahead to so much as look at angels on the street. I was curious, wondering what all the fuss was about. And then the one angel I get a chance to meet can’t be bothered to give me the time of day.”

Botis laughed, something else that was new. Zagan realized there were a lot of changes in his normally surly friend. Happiness sat across Botis’s broad shoulders like a mantle, and Botis wore it well. Yet, Zagan would be a fool if he thought happiness weakened his friend in any way. Botis ruled his sixty legions with a rod of iron; he just didn’t fuck his minions anymore because Raziel didn’t like the idea.

“How can you stand it,” Zagan twitched as he thought about the sexy cute little angel sitting at the dinner table waiting for them. The man spent all evening bestowing sunshine smiles at the waiters, who were captivated with the little minx. “How can you stand fucking the same person night after night? Don’t you get bored?”

“You should try it sometime,” Botis patted his shoulder as he opened the bathroom door. “You might be surprised at how enjoyable it can be, especially when it comes to an angel.” His laughter was thankfully cut off as the door swung closed behind him.


☆ Exclusive Excerpt ☆

Thank you so much to the wonderfully talented author, Addison Albright for hosting me today as part of my blog tour for Passion Punched King, Book 2 in the Balance series. Please enjoy this exclusive excerpt.

“Looking for me?” Letting smoke billow from his nostrils, Zagan quickly assessed his intruders. At least the demons weren’t part of his legions, but they were young and cocky. Whoever was managing them was doing a piss-poor job.

“King Zagan,” the tallest one gave the sketchiest of bows. “We were told you had a residence here and were just checking it out. It is big enough to accommodate more of our kind. She was right.”

“Who was right?” Wasting no time, Zagan covered the distance between them, grabbing the speaker by his throat and running him up the wall hard enough to crack the plaster. “Who dares discuss me and my business?”

“Let him go!” One of the other intruders, a slender male with a shock of red hair, jumped on Zagan’s back. Flicking his wings, Zagan brushed him off, but the guy came back, biting and clawing at Zagan’s arms. Incensed, Zagan’s hand flicked out, catching the redhead as he launched another attack; slamming both him and the demon under his other hand together. Their skulls made a satisfying clunk as they both passed out. A wave of his hands and the men were bound in siren silk; they wouldn’t get out of that in a hurry.

There were three. Where…. Zagan scanned the empty hallway. The only door open was to his room. “Precious!” Zagan sprinted back to his room, stopping in the doorway, stunned at what he was seeing. The third demon; who was pretty rather than handsome, was sitting on the floor listening to Anael with a rapt expression on his face.

“It’s very beautiful but a bit too sterile for my liking,” Anael was saying. He noticed Zagan immediately and smiled. “Do you know Petrov has never even seen an angel before? He was asking me what it was like in Head Office.”

“You’re on a first name basis with them now?” Zagan stalked into room. “These idiots broke into my house. Do you see my arms? One of them attacked me.” He waved his arms for emphasis, only slightly mollified when the elfin-looking demon shrank against the wall.

“It’s just a scratch and Petrov had nothing to do with it,” Anael smiled at the demon, but at least got off the bed, coming over to examine Zagan’s arm. “I think these guys might be in some sort of trouble,” he whispered as he brushed a kiss along the meanest looking scratch.


Author Bio

Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams. Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips.

When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate. Lisa will do anything for chocolate.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers. You can friend her on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/lisaoliverauthor), catch up on what’s happening at her blog (http://www.supernaturalsmut.com) or email her directly at yoursintuitively@gmail.com.

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