My Not-FlashFictionFriday Post

I fell down on the job this week (metaphorically only…don’t worry), and never got into flash fiction mode. I’ve got my vampire world on the brain, and even though the story is ‘done’ now, it’s not done done. As in, I’m in overhaul mode getting it polished up.

To make it up to you, here’s a sexy guy you can drool over as he gives me a look that says I’d best get my butt in gear for next week, because this “no Flash Fiction Friday” crap is not acceptable!


I’ll carry over the prompt words I was given in the comments of last week’s post (shea butter – cherry blossom – pink sharpie), but feel free to add to the list. 💕 😁

4 thoughts on “My Not-FlashFictionFriday Post

  1. He really does look annoyed with you. Like “what are you doing, depriving Nell of her flashficion fix?” 😁 Nah, I get it. Sometimes it doesn’t work and I sort of gave you stuff to work on, too, didn’t I? So maybe this is partly my fault? 😁

    The upside is that since you were so unhappy with my words last Friday, I can give you some more… Be careful what you wish for and all that 😁

    scilicet – telegenic – aardvark

    Have fun! 😉

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