#FlashFictionFriday 9-March-2018 – A Yoga Kind of Morning – #FlashFic

Welcome to my (fairly) regular weekly Flash Fiction Friday post, where I take the prompt words left in the comments of the previous week’s FFF post and use them in a new bit of flash.

This one uses these 6 words:

yoga – yggdrasil – yoctosecond – bed – phone – waffle

The words are a combination of the three words Nell Iris left for me here on my blog last week, and the three words I left on her blog back on Feb 23rd. How many guesses do you need to figure out which are which? 😁 💖

Nell Iris and I are using the same set of words for our Friday Flash Fiction today, so be sure to go check out what she’s come up with, too! She’s continued the saga of Alan and Jon, an adorable couple of recurring characters. You can enjoy the scene she has up today as a standalone, or you can follow her links to catch up on what led those sweet guys to their current actions. 😋

Here’s a yummy bonus inspiration image:


I went with an “Adventures with Ben and Jerry” scene for these words. They are wacky recurring characters in my flash fiction, but you don’t need to be familiar with their past scenes to follow along here. This scene stands completely alone. But if you want to…

Click here for more flash fiction scenes featuring Ben and Jerry.

Check out the menu, above, or click these links for all my bonus scene and flash fiction options.

It’s a short one this week because I’ve got a novelette-length story (featuring vampires!) pulling at me and insisting I put all my free time into writing about them. I expect it to be finished this weekend. 😊

This scene is told from Ben’s 3rd-person POV:

A Yoga Kind of Morning

Ben propped the book of yoga poses he and Jerry had bought at the Yggdrasil spa retreat against the side of the bed, and flipped through a few pages. Some of the poses didn’t look too difficult.

He ignored the ringing phone and curled into the Bālāsana position. The shrill noise stopped as Jerry apparently answered the kitchen extension. Ben scrunched his face, which was pressed flat against the carpet. Maybe he was doing it wrong, but his muscles tensed rather than relaxed. He shifted, blew a bit of cat fuzz out of his mouth, and gave up.

Maybe the Marjariasana would be better. His lower legs and feet stayed in place, but he moved his arms and lifted his torso so he was on his hands and knees, and arched like a cat, letting his head drop forward. Breathing easily, he held the position as tension flowed from his limbs.

The smell of the waffles Jerry was making for breakfast wafted into the room. One more position, then he’d join his husband in the kitchen. He spread his legs and morphed into the Prasarita Padottanasana position.

“I love that one!”

Ben lurched and dropped onto his butt at Jerry’s unexpected words. He put a hand to his heart. “How long have you been standing there?” As if Jerry’s silly grin didn’t answer that question for him.

“Long enough.” Jerry waggled his eyebrows. “Another yoctosecond and I was going to jump you. That’s some wacky stuff. I thought I was supposed to be the odd duck in this family.”

Ben returned Jerry’s grin. “Breakfast can wait. Wanna?”

“Jump you?” Jerry growled and pulled Ben up. “Love to. Your granny’s on the phone, but maybe she’d like to listen.”

Ben winced. Jerry was joking, of course, but still…that image! “Don’t worry,” he groaned. “You’ve got the ‘odd duck’ prize wrapped up.”

Leave as many prompt words as you like in the comments, but I’ll only promise to use one from each contributor in my next flash fiction post (although I’ll try to use them all).

Adventures with Ben and Jerry - dreamstime_xs_3423733

7 thoughts on “#FlashFictionFriday 9-March-2018 – A Yoga Kind of Morning – #FlashFic

  1. Lol, seriously. This: ” Ben scrunched his face, which was pressed flat against the carpet. Maybe he was doing it wrong, but his muscles tensed rather than relaxed. He shifted, blew a bit of cat fuzz out of his mouth, and gave up.”…could be me, but without the cat fuzz. Have you spied on me on my yoga mat?? 😂😁

    Thanks for being such a good sport and playing along. I was so excited to read what you came up with and had so much fun!! Let me know if you wanna play sometime! 🙂

    Sooo, words for next week? Hm…”shea butter” (because it’s the main ingredient in my hand cream), “cherry blossom” (because it’s the flavor of my current favorite tea), and “pink sharpie” (because why the heck not? 😁) Have fun!

    1. Ha! It’s hard to imagine, looking at the pictures, how many of them could possibly be relaxing.

      I love Alan and Jon’s continuing saga. And I’m up for it any time! 💖

      Thank you! Love the words. You’re getting soft! 😁

  2. I’m not sure they’re supposed to be relaxing. I think it’s all a devious, elaborate plot to make us to believe we’re feeling relaxed while doing it. All that deep breathing and “let your shoulders relax” and “imagine that your feet grow roots”…We’re being brainwashed! 😁

    That being said: this pose is relaxing for real: https://www.gaia.com/article/child-pose-balasana

    Soft, huh? Just like Alan, I’m not one for letting a thrown glove lie. Prepare yourself for next week evil laughter 😂😂

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