#RainbowSnippets 15-September-2018 – Of Rats and Cats

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This week I’m snipping from Of Rats and Cats, a comedic short story that’ll be coming out at JMS Books sometime in November.

Blurb (tentative):

All he wanted to do was retrieve his newspaper, but Raymond is panic-stricken when a rat dashes through his open apartment door. No worries, though. Pandy is on the job! Except Kevin doesn’t want Raymond’s cat to eat his beloved pet…mouse.

Can Kevin rescue Corky before Pandy gets to her? Will Raymond’s upturned box of…um… personal toys and videos drive Kevin away, or will the pile of filigree undies Corky has burrowed into turn Kevin on?

No context needed, these are the opening lines. Note, the story is unedited at this time, so everything is subject to change.

Told from Raymond’s 3rd-person POV.

Of Rats and Cats – 15-September-2018

“Okay, already.” Raymond Gardner yawned, opened his eyes, and gave the short-haired tortoiseshell cat a scratch behind her ears to take the edge off the grumble in the tone he’d directed at her. Clearly, he wasn’t going to be able to ignore the wet nose determinedly nudging him, let alone the piteous caterwauling. He rubbed his neck where she’d been kneading and gave himself a mental kick in the ass for not trimming her claws when he’d thought of it yesterday.

He rolled to check the time on his phone, then flopped back onto his pillow with a groan and what his ex-boyfriend, Leon, would have called a drama-queen maneuver—although frankly, Raymond didn’t consider throwing a forearm across his eyes to be all that theatrical.

“Daylight Savings Time has been over for a month, Pandy. Get with the program.” But Raymond sat and stuffed his feet into his slippers anyway, because once Pandemonium decided it was feeding time, she wasn’t going to let up until the deed was done.

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Of Rats and Cats is a short story, meet-cute, detailing the humorous get-together of two otherwise regular guys, leading average lives. The story ends with a solid happy-for-now where we are left to imagine them continuing their relationship as they traipse, without further issue, toward their eventual HEA.

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  1. We have a dog with a similar persistent attitude when he thinks it’s time for someone to get up and let him out. Forty six pounds of solid muscle can be really hard to ignore when it head-butts you.

    1. Thank you! Quite a bit of tweaking happened since your read through, but no significant plot changes. Regular edits still pending. 💕

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