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Series – Plans

Contracted: Novella – Book 3 – Change of Plans (Coming to JMS Books, July, 2021)

32,077 / 32,077
About the story:

A continuation story for The Contingency Plan and The Best-Laid Plans. Princes Efren and Marcelo must rediscover each other, and Marcelo must regain his self-confidence after someone slips them doses of “Forget-Me-Not”. This book completes the trilogy.

Read an unedited version of the opening scene, here.

While written TO BE ABLE TO stand alone without being totally lost should a random reader pick up this story without first reading the earlier books in the trilogy, it definitely should NOT BE CONSIDERED as a standalone story. It will be far better understood and appreciated if you’ve first read Marcelo and Efren’s journey to this point before continuing their story.


Once upon a time, two handsome young princes fell in love, faced down adversity, and lived happily-ever-after…until one romantic evening, they unwittingly ate a confection laced with a mind-wiping toxin.

Crown Prince Efren of Zioneven blindsided Prince Marcelo of Sheburat when he used The Contingency Plan embedded in a peace treaty to marry the naïve young prince. Now, Marcelo is shocked again when he awakens in an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar land, in the arms of a stranger who’s taking such liberties!

Will that ignominious new beginning to their relationship doom their chances at rekindling their love? Or will Efren’s giddiness and the less formal surroundings of Zioneven propel them toward a more teasingly fun rapport?

Marcelo and Efren have forgotten more than their love. On their journey home to Zioneven, their Best-Laid Plans went awry when Marcelo was abducted. Now, neither remembers the unexpected strength of character and ingenuity Marcelo manifested to survive his harrowing ordeal, or Efren’s frantic search for his new husband.

Were Marcelo and Efren specifically targeted for the Forget-Me-Not poisoning, or were they the victims of a random assault? Is this new attack related to Marcelo’s abduction and his sister’s death? Will Marcelo revert to his old mild-mannered, unassuming self, or will he step up to prove he’s the same brave man his new family claims he is amid the fresh danger swirling around them?


There once was a handsome young prince,
whose naïveté made himself wince.
He was a huge fan
of The Contingency Plan,
till a drug turned his memory to mince.


They fell in love once.
But can they do it again?
Forget-Me-Not, dear.

Series – The Faction

Work in Progress: Novella – The Faction (book 3) – The Journey

408 / 25,000
Blurb pending.

A continuation story for The Recruit and The Choice, set some decades in the future as the vampires formerly known as Albert and Neil, and vampires worldwide strive to make final preparations for the interstellar journey that will bring them to a new world where they will be safe from the ever-stifling rules of humans on earth.


WiP: Untitled novella

0 / 20,000
Blurb pending.

…but it involves a triplet (the other two triplets’ mildly-intersecting stories will be written my the amazing Nell Iris and LA Bryce) who discovers he’s drunk-married his brother’s best friend during a trip to Vegas. Dunno yet, but possibly the best friend will only have dated women to that point, but was bi-curious?


Work in Progress: SuperShort for JMS’s “Hot Flash” 2-5k Books – Unnamed w/ Leo & Remy

277 / 3,000
Blurb pending.

A humorous short story

Series – Dream On

Work in Progress: Book 2 – Dreams Are for Real

14,161 / 40,000
Blurb pending.

Book 2 – featuring Larry & Marty is a comprehensively rewritten and reedited version of Another Dream.

Series – Dream On

Work in Progress: Book 3 – Grudges Are for Losers

427 / 40,000
Blurb pending.

Book 3 – featuring Trevor & Quinn is a comprehensively rewritten and reedited version of Dreaming of You.