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Contracted for publication on October 19, 2019 at JMS Books, both as an individual novella, and as part of a Legendary Loves “trio” collection together with In My Arms Again by Nell Iris, and an unknown third.
28,489 / 28,489

Sensational News’ (Never Fake! We Swear!) reporter Wilson Banks enjoys his job. Of course, he doesn’t believe the majority of what he reports, but he has standards. He can prevaricate with ease while avoiding outright falsehoods. After all, reporting that “so-and-so claimed to see this” is absolutely true.

Then he meets and falls for perky Tallbear, CA resident Oliver Hughes. While pursuing soundbites for a story about Bigfoot, Wilson witnesses something he wasn’t meant to see. In Wilson’s new reality, is there room for love with someone whose dreams are as big as his…er…feet?

Series – The Faction

Work in Progress: Novella – The Faction (book 3) – The Journey
408 / 25,000
Blurb pending.

A continuation story for The Recruit and The Choice, set some decades in the future as the vampires formerly known as Albert and Neil, and vampires worldwide strive to make final preparations for the interstellar journey that will bring them to a new world where they will be safe from the ever-stifling rules of humans on earth.

Series – Plans

Work in Progress: Novella? – Book 3 – The Game Plan
238 / 25,000
Blurb pending.

A continuation story for The Contingency Plan and The Best-Laid Plans showing Princes Efren and Marcelo and their concerns back home in Zioneven.


Work in Progress: SuperShort for JMS’s “Hot Flash” 2-5k Books – Unnamed w/ Leo & Remy
277 / 3,000
Blurb pending.

A humorous short story


Work in Progress: Novel – When Are You?
500 / 60,000
Blurb pending.

A time travel story (title tentative).

Series – Dream On

Work in Progress: Book 2 – Dreams Are for Real
14,161 / 40,000
Blurb pending.

Book 2 – featuring Larry & Marty is a comprehensively rewritten and reedited version of Another Dream.

Series – Dream On

Work in Progress: Book 3 – Grudges Are for Losers
427 / 40,000
Blurb pending.

Book 3 – featuring Trevor & Quinn is a comprehensively rewritten and reedited version of Dreaming of You.