WIPs/Release Schedule

Stories In Progress, Submitted/Pending/Contracted, or Scheduled for Publication


SCHEDULED: Short Story – Of Rats and Cats
JMS Release Date: November 10, 2018
Preorder: JMS Books, LLC

A short story, meet-cute, detailing the humorous get-together of two otherwise regular guys, leading average lives. The story ends with a solid happy-for-now where we are left to imagine them continuing their relationship as they traipse, without further issue, toward their eventual HEA.


All he wanted to do was retrieve his newspaper, but Raymond is panic-stricken when a rat dashes through his open apartment door. No worries, though. Pandy is on the job! Except Kevin doesn’t want Raymond’s cat to eat his beloved pet…mouse.

Can Kevin rescue Corky before Pandy gets to her? Will Raymond’s upturned box of…um… personal toys and videos drive Kevin away, or will the pile of filigree undies Corky has burrowed into turn Kevin on?

Teaser 04


CONTRACTED: Short Story – Déjà Vu (A Holiday Short)
Tentative JMS Release Date: December 1, 2018

A holiday-themed short story with a few twists and turns.


Gavin and Matthew just want to get home to enjoy Christmas Eve in their safe, warm apartment. Should they walk or take a cab? Will either option do the trick with Victor and his holiday blahs determined to undermine them?

Years ago, Victor made the unfortunate mistake of coming out to his family on Christmas. Why, oh why couldn’t he have picked a random summer day? Can Victor’s husband, Bryan pull Victor out of his gloomy mood to give Gavin and Matthew the merry Christmas they deserve?

Series – The Faction

CONTRACTED: Novella –  The Faction (book 2) – The Choice
Tentative JMS Release Date: January 5, 2019

A continuation story for The Recruit, giving Albert, Phillip/Neil, and their vampire faction a bit more drama to contend with.


As a freshly turned vampire, Neil had frozen in panic when he’d found himself face-to-face with his ex-boyfriend, Cameron. Neil thought that misstep and its associated danger was all in the past, but Cameron’s current boyfriend, Dennis, is like a dog with a bone, and a keen imagination. When the two men’s curiosity progresses to the point the vampires consider their secrecy to be endangered, choices must be made.

Now that faction-leader Albert has a blood-mate, he finds himself second-guessing his decisions. Neil would be crushed knowing his mistake led to human deaths, but Albert shouldn’t factor that into the difficult choices he must make. Will Albert’s indecision put the entire vampire establishment in danger? Or is redemption only a flamethrower away?

Work in Progress: Novella – The Faction (book 3) – The Journey

A continuation story for The Recruit and The Choice, set some decades in the future as the vampires formerly known as Albert and Neil, and vampires worldwide strive make final preparations for the interstellar journey that will bring them to a new world where they will be safe from the ever-stifling rules of humans on earth.

Series – Plans

Work in Progress: Novella? – Book 2 – The Best-Laid Plans

Blurb pending, a continuation story for The Contingency Plan, giving Princes Efren and Marcelo a bit of drama on their journey home to Zioneven.


Work in Progress: Novel – When Are You?

Blurb pending, a time travel story (title tentative).

Series – Dream On

Work in Progress: Book 2 – Dreams Are for Real

Book 2 – featuring Larry & Marty is a comprehensively rewritten and reedited version of Another Dream.

Work in Progress: Book 3 – Grudges Are for Losers

Book 3 – featuring Trevor & Quinn is a comprehensively rewritten and reedited version of Dreaming of You.